Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slutty Wife 83 - Vacation Day 2

SATURDAY - DAY TWO I woke up feeling very little relief. Heather still wasn't in my bed so I decided to get up and check in the next room. It was quiet enough... so at least they weren't still playing. I put my ear up against the door and heard nothing. I reached for the handle, and to my surprise, it turned and the door opened. I opened it slowly to avoid any creaking. The room reeked of pussy and it was intoxicating. And right in the middle of the bed with no covers or anything was Sarah and my wife. Sarah was lying flat backwards and wrapped in her arms was my lovely wife. And they were both out cold. I stepped in and took a closer look. My wife's pussy was beet red and raw... I couldn't guess the number of orgasms she had. There were teeth marks on her very swollen nipples and thighs, and hand prints on her neck, stomach, and her ass. Sarah's body, on the other hand, was perfectly smooth. Her pussy looked used... but it was nothing like my wife's! I figured that Sarah spent the rest of the night ravishing her body until my wife passed out... but that was just a guess. I walked out and closed the door. I figured I'll let them sl**p... I definitely didn't want to hear what they'd say if I woke them up. That would have been awkward, to say the least. I went downstairs and brewed a pot of coffee and made myself some eggs. I checked outside, found the morning paper and sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning, considering the storm last night. Sarah was the first to come down, wearing only a little white tee-shirt and a bright red thong. "Good morning, Sunshine," she said to me, winking and pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Um... can I ask you a couple of questions?" I asked, determined to get some information about what the hell happened last night. "Of course!" she said, almost relishing the idea of providing me with details. "Okay, first question: How did you do that?" "Well, a little glass of wine or three, a massage of the tense back muscles and a little slip of something in her drink and she loosened up very nicely," she said, with a sexy little smirk. I couldn't believe that I was hearing that. She d**gged my wife to push her over the top! I needed to dig a little bit more. "Okay then... that makes a little sense. Second question: Why did you do that?" "Isn't that a little obvious...? From the look on your face, I guess not. I had a few reasons. First, it was my little gift to you, once I noticed you were watching. Second, your little wife is so sexy, I had to get a taste of what she could offer. Third, Eric is going to need to know what he can get away with..." I did a double take. Did I hear that right? "What?! Eric is going to know what?" "Well, he's coming up tomorrow, and he's going to want to have a little action. It's going to make him so happy to hear he can basically do anything he wants to her little body and she'll happily take it." I didn't know what to think. Having my wife dike out with Sarah was one thing but knowing my boss was planning on having some fun with her as well! "Don't you want to ask your third question?" she asked, with a smirk. "I... I don't know what you mean..." I replied. I couldn't think straight. "Ask me what I did with your wife last night," she stated. It was more of a command or an offer of knowledge. "What did you do with my wife last night?" I asked, feeling my groin start to hit third gear. I was gaining momentum. Sarah sauntered over to my side of the table and made me move my chair out. She turned around so her ass was in full view of me. "Well, since you want to know so bad... I'll tell you. Well, she started back here," he said, pointing her to perfectly shaped ass, tracing her crack as she went up and down. "She did such a good job downstairs, I wanted a little more before she got her release. She lightly started tracing my asscrack up and down, and she was so skilled at it. I know it's not the first time she's been with a

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