Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wife School Journey spanking

I thought I would relate a story told to me by my wife about a school journey she went on when 16. My wife went to a very strict school where corporal punishment was common place. The school was a girl’s school which had male and female teachers. It was during the time of “Spare the rod and spoil the c***d” and even at home, my wife’s f****y practiced corporal punishment, so this is perhaps why she tolerates it so well at home now. Punishment in school usual began with lines, then a detention and if that failed, a private spanking, usually at break time in an empty office or a classroom. Occasionally a spanking or a slippering was administered in front of the class, especially if there were more than one offender present. The most extreme punishment was administered by the Head or deputy head and could be done in front of the whole school in assembly or a private flogging where one of the c***d’s parents were asked to be present. These two latter punishments were only carried out in extreme cases. In both of these punishments, a cane was used and sometimes a hairbrush or slipper, depending on the offence. If a normal punishment, In front of the class, the offenders skirt could be pulled up, but she would have the modesty of her knickers to hide her private parts. If in private, the punishment was usually administered to the bare bottom or over skirt or knickers. My wife can remember many punishments she had at school. Over the knee or bent over in private by both male and female teachers, usually about six hard slaps over her skirt, panties or on her bare bottom. The male teachers seemed to enjoy the bare bottom spankings best! Offenses could range from talking in class, lateness and inappropriate attire and many more misdemeanours, minor and more serious warranted corporal punishment. Once a male teacher kept her back at lunchtime and made her bend over the desk. He pulled her knickers up the crack of her bum, what you would call a wedgie these days and lifted her skirt up for 10 hard slaps across her bottom. She must have been about 15 at this time. Some of the teachers must have got a lot of pleasure out of this in retrospect. My wife only witnessed one public flogging in front of the whole school in assembly. A particularly rebellious girl called Karen Cooper, (who was 14 at the time), was the victim. She had stabbed another girl with a compass point and spat in the face of a teacher. Her parents were all for the punishment to teach her a lesson. On the day of the punishment, the headmaster gave a speech about her behaviour and called her out to the front of the packed hall. Karen walked up onto the stage and was wearing a white polo top, regulation blue pleated skirt, flat shoes, blue knee socks and regulation blue cotton knickers. She was told to bend across the desk that had been placed in the centre of the stage, with her bottom facing the assembly. A female teacher stood on the other side of the desk and held her hands, in case she tried to break free. The teacher was a female P.E teacher, so was more than capable of holding a belligerent 14 year old in place. The headmaster stood in shirt sleeves, his right hand holding a long thin cane. His shirt sleeve was rolled up on this arm to allow him to move his arm swiftly and unhindered. He walked up to where Karen was and raised the hem of her blue pleated skirt and placed it onto the small of her back, revealing her chubby blue knicker clad bottom. An audible gasp went up from the assembled at this point. Standing to Karen’s left, the headmaster raised the cane high in the air. He placed it slowly across the middle of Karen’s bottom to get his aim. My wife described what followed thus; Again he raised it and this time, “Swooosh” the cane whistled through the air and cut hard into Karen’s bottom...”thwaaack” It was a painful sound as it was not a tap, but a full bl**died cut which must have really hurt and would surely leave its mark long afte

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