Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 17

March 1954 The Teasing Tenant Jackie came into Vic’s life in the spring of 1954. She had the longest, most beautiful legs he’d ever seen on any woman. But, it wasn't just Jackie’s nice legs that excited him. It was how this Jackie showed them off to him. It was on a night his mother and stepfather were out grocery shopping. He was home alone. At least, he thought he was alone. At the time, he was watching Captain Video from where he always watched television, lying on the living room floor. That's when he heard the sound of the basement door opening. When he looked up, Vic saw something that took his eyes and mind completely off of Captain Video and all his Video Rangers. It was one of the three tenants who moved into the basement apartment a few months earlier. The other two were a man and his wife. This woman was the man’s younger s****r. Her name was Jackie and the younger s****r was standing there dressed in something Vic had never seen before. The next thing he knew, she was staring into the living room at him gawking back at her. “Hi ya! Victor!” she said and he could only gulp, too shaken to do anything else. What this girl was wearing wasn't underwear. It was much better than underwear. It might have been a slip, but it was too short and too tight for a slip. Slips were loose fitting and went all the way to the woman’s knees. This thing stopped just past her cunt, showing him most of Jackie’s long beautifully shaped legs. We gotta tell ya! If this was a slip, it wasn't the kind of slip his mother usually wore. And he never remembered his mother wearing the kind of stockings this Jackie had on. They had straps coming out of the slip that sure made her gorgeous legs look very sexy. “Do . . . do you wanna use the . . . the b-b-b-bathroom?” he asked the blonde who had no other reason to come up the stairs from her basement apartment. Why he asked this stupid question he didn’t know. He just had to say something to this girl who just caused something totally uncontrollable inside the boy’s pants. “Yeah! I gotta take a pee! Is it all right if I go pee?" she asked with a smile that excited him even more than what she was wearing. All he could do was nod his head and watch as the real cute Jackie disappeared into the bathroom. Anxious for a closer look, he leaped up off the floor and stood in the hall by the bathroom door. While doing that, he pictured Jackie taking her pee. What he saw inside his head, made whatever she started inside his pants, get even bigger. Vic was tempted to reach down and grab for it, but luckily, he didn’t. He couldn’t. The door to the bathroom opened and out came sexy Jackie. “Hi!” she said before opening the door to the basement. “See ya!” Just like that, this beautiful cunt was gone and Vic was left with another big dick to jerk off. Not that he minded. Jerking off had become a normal way of life for him. This gorgeous Jackie just gave him another beautiful woman to think about. A few nights later, this fucking Jackie gave him even more to think about. She came up the stairs in even less clothes than she wore the first time. This time, there was no short slip, only brief panties and bra, along with that garter belt thing holding up her stockings. "Hi, Victor!" she said after walking into the living room like she was posing for him. "Gotta pee again!" she said in her fucking teasing voice, a sound that nearly drove him up the fucking wall. The next thing he knew, she was in the bathroom doing what she had to do and he was outside the door doing what he had to do. Vic reached inside his pants and started rubbing his hard dick, all the while picturing Jackie taking a leak inside the bathroom. It sure felt good, but it didn't go unnoticed. “Oh, for God Sakes!” Josie yelled from her doorway when she saw him with his dick out and in his hand. Before he could stop, the sexy tenant came out of the bathroom and joined his irate steps****r in looking at the k** playing