Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nobody Home?

With a twist, a push, a jab and a lever, the door loosened itself from its fastenings and opened, its announcement given with a small relieving squeal. He let it fall open a foot or so, and stood back to listen. No alarm, which surprised him as he thought everyone was out. Maybe they didn't deem this door important enough to place a censor on it, or perhaps they forgot to set the alarm. Either way he didn't care, he was in. He looked around the utilities room, the dark square and rectangular shapes indicating the white goods that lined either side of the room, leaving a passageway to the door at the other end. And with a quick glance behind, he slipped inside, jamming the door close and plunging himself into darkness. The next door led to the kitchen, and once again he opened it with a pause to listen. Satisfied his entry was safe, he entered the kitchen and crossed within the twilight to the hallway. From his pocket he withdrew a piece of paper, and unfolding it revealed a basic sketch of the layout of the house. According to Harry at The Stag and Deer, he needed the study on the first floor. That was where the safe was. Katie was glad her parents were out, she may have only been home for a couple of days so far, but she was already missing the freedom of living on campus. At least there she could 'watch and play' without the cord of the headphones getting in her way; she needed Bluetooth, or something wireless. However being at home had its advantages, and now was her opportunity to fulfill her boyfriend’s request. Getting off the bed, Katie crossed to the window, bending down to open the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers that stood there. Reaching inside she pulled out a camcorder procured from a friend earlier in the day, citing the making of a personal movie for her media course at university, although her friend would never imagined just how personal this video would be, and that it was for a porn site and not part of her studies. Crossing to the low standing table on which stood her TV with an ever increasing pile of DVDs next to it, she took the AV lead, plugged the corresponding jacks into the camera, and scart into the back of the TV. Then placing the camera on top of the television, she turned it on and flicking through the channels, found herself smiling back at her. She gave a wave as if someone was actually watching her, and giggled at her girly silliness. Rising to her feet, she crossed to the window, and with one last look outside, she bid the world goodnight and closed the curtains. At the top of the stairs he referred to the sketch once again. ‘Turn left and the study should be two doors along,’ he remember Harry informing him a couple of days before, ‘but beware, I think he has a camera trained the door.’ he added. He folded the sketch and then slipped it back into his pocket as he began to make his way along the hallway, glancing up for the redeye of a CCTV camera. Step by step he crept along, his heart beating slightly faster when the floorboard creak a little too loudly for comfort beneath his weight, but then in this silence all sound was amplified. Waking up to his situation of an empty house, he asked himself, 'Why the fuck am I creeping? How dumb am I? I could do the hundred meter dash, and no one would hear,' and with that he quickened his pace and was at the door in seconds. Another benefit with her parents being out was playing her music at a volume she wanted, and playing the music she wanted to hear. Dark loud music, music with a heavy beat and ripping riff, a bassline that made the floorboards dance and a gravel chewing vocal. She loved her rock and metal, and hated that her parent didn't even consider it music. Most of her friends parents were a bit more hip, a bit more in tune with the world, but her parents were still living in the middle-ages within Katie's eyes. They were still dancing to The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys and Abba, which whenever she heard them, almost made her