Monday, October 22, 2012

City Of Orgasm

It was just sunset when the lovely Susan Gander entered the resteraunt at the Pelican Key marina gliding through the dining room as if she were a model strutting down a catwalk. The low murmur of voices that was in the air had ceased as she appeared replaced by a thundering silence. Tall and lean with flaming bleach blond hair she was a vision of beauty the likes of which other women only dream of possessing. Her radiant smile as bright as the Sun her pink pouty lips glistened from the last ray of sunlight entering through the window. The world had slowed down as every eye watched the sexy tall blond walking towards her table appearing to move in super slow motion. The men sat motionless at their tables and those standing became statues dotting the room their hearts pounding like a jackhammer in their chests. The women were also mesmerized by Sue’s dazzling beauty too enamored by her themselves to see their husbands drooling as the tall lovely woman past by causing even gay men to get an erection! Suddenly the silence was broken when the busboy walked into a post dropping a tray of glasses to the floor because he was not watching where he was going but leering at Susan Gander. His name is Andy Savage and he has been working here for years and has many times seen this lovely goddess and each time he does he cannot help but grow weak at the knees and flounder about like a fish out of water. Tonight she was looking exceptionally lovely dressed in a sequin purple blouse and tight white miniskirt she looked stunning for a woman in her thirties. She was about to sit at a table with three other gorgeous women moving closer to the little man. On his knees picking up broken glasses he nearly fainted when she walked by because he looked up her skirt and was pleased to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was at that moment a loud groan was heard throughout the dining room for everyone saw the little man on the floor and they all knew what he must have seen. The women at the table seemed shocked that he had been so brazen looking up Susan’s skirt but she tossed him a smile as she joined her friends at the table. Andy departed to the kitchen with as many pieces of the glasses as he could get off the carpet and returned with some towels to dab up the water then returned to bussing tables. He could not help but sneak peeks at the table where the four attractive women were sitting. After Susan had ordered her meal one of the women barked, did you see that old man looking up your skirt? Of course he looked I’d be offended if he didn’t look she said loud enough for those at adjoining tables to hear. I want men to look that’s why I dress the way I do. You should be careful he could get ideas and maybe even try to **** you. Andy would never try to do that he’s a shy sweet little man and besides I hold three black belts in three of the martial arts so I’m not worried about Andy Savage or any other man trying to **** me. Do you know he writes sex stories about you Sue one of the other women chirped adding her words of caution to Susan. I did not know that he wrote stories about me how is it that you now this Beth? One of the waitresses told me he sits in the break room writing sex stories on his laptop and they are all the same. The two of you go off somewhere romantic together and it starts out sweet and romantic but always turns into the two of you having wild passionate unbridled sex! There’s not a man in this building that doesn’t fantasize about me that way so why shouldn’t Andy? This remark caused her companions to go silent until they moved on to talking about other things. Sue sat pretending to listen but she started thinking why not let Andy live out one of his stories with her. It’s true he’s in his fifties and she in her thirties but why not give him a shot it would probably be fun. Susan motions to her friends to lean in towards the center of the table and says in a low whisper! I’m going to do it! You’re going to do w

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