Monday, October 22, 2012

S****r in law part 2

so im getting sucked off by my s****r in law with the mrs on my face when she pulls out her rabbit vib and says i only wanted you to get me wet. she then layed back and said ive always wanted to watch you fuck someone else but the only person i could trust is my s****r i smiled as she pushed the vib into her pussy the s****r in law then gets up drops her micro dress to the floor and i see her hot body for the first time beautiful titties and a thong which she starts lowering to the floor i look and see a blonde landing strip and she jumps on top of me lowering herself onto my hard wet cock slowly at first she looks at my mrs and says you were right his big hard cock does feel amazing i then flip her over and start pounding her pussy hard the sound of my mrs plesuring herself and the s****r in law moaning makes me so hot the headbourd is banging hard aganest the wall as the mrs and s.i.l start to scream omg i cant belive they are cuming at the same time i tell them im getting close and they both say they want it in there mouths so i pull out and they put their heads together mouths open as i start to spurt out huge wads of cum they both get a fair amount as i colapse on the bed they go clean up and both get into my bed one either side i fell asl**p with a huge smile and woke up with a huge hard on

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