Friday, October 19, 2012

Second time I fucked chela... She got fucked.

Par I called Chela up. She wanted to meet at the bar again. She didn't like how I fucked her before, but she couldn't stop thinking about my dick. ( it sounded like deek when she said it in her thick accent). Turns out I'm like twice as big as her husband. We hang out at the bar for a bit. It's a slow night so the bartender Jason, my friend, hangs around and this one waitress named Erika keeps coming over between tables. "we should take this party back to my place" I say. Everyone agrees. "me and chela will go there now and you guys come over after you close." So we get back to my place, me and chela. When you walk in there's a love seat and couch to the left in an L shape and there is a knee high coffee table in front of the couch. Chela imediatly starts to kiss me and rub at my cock through my jeans. "oh papi' " she moans as I grab her tits. Then I push her against the door. I continue to kiss her as I pull down her skimpy black dress, exposing fantastic bare breasts. Then she's down to just a thong. "wait here" I say and I go over and turn on some music. While I'm there I pick up my cam corder. I turn it on and face her. She acts embarrassed and covers herself up with her hands on her tits. "if you want this dick, you'll come over here, get on your knees and suck it. She puts her hands down walks over gets on her knees and proceeds to take my dick out of my pants. She smiles up at me before she takes it in her mouth. She gives the loudest sloppiest blo jobs you've ever seen. Even at her best she could only get a little more than half my dick in her mouth. "lay down on the coffee table" I say " face down". So she kneels on the ground at the side of the table her ass to the front door. She bends over and lays down on the table. "Put your arms down by the legs of the table" I say. And when she does I handcuff her there. I get her from all angles with the cam and I ask her " what do you want?" "I want you to fuck me papi" she says. Just then there's a knock at the door. her eyes get all big with this surprised look on her face "I forgot they were coming over" she says as she squirms around. "get these cuffs off me" she says. "nope." I say and I smack her across her face so hard her head spins alittle. "I'll get the door" I tell her. To be continued....

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