Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My first time

I was really young at the time, only 11 or 12, and i'd heard about a cottage (gay toilet) nearby and was really interested. A few times i had tried to tell myself to go but couldn't bring myself to do it, until one saturday afternoon. It was a pretty average day and i told my parents that i was just 'going out' and jumped on the bus to my local cottage. once i got inside the smell of piss was nearly overwhelming, you could almost taste it, but i went straight to the urinals anyway. There were to of them long urinals, the ones mounted on the wall, enough room for 3 people each, and they were on opposite walls. No one was there so i went to the far one and got my little cock out and started to have a wank. then someone opened the door. an old man walked in, about 50 or 60, and came and stood at near me. he got his cock out but i tried not to look, just incase he wasnt there for the same reason as me. after about ten seconds i looked over at him and we made eye contact, he instantly walked over to me and took hold of my cock and started to rub it slowly. i took his cock which seemed massive to me at the time and did the same. we were doing this for about 20 or 30 seconds when he put his hand on the back of my head, he started pushing me down onto his cock, i could hardly breathe, but he kept shoving it deeper and deeper. it seemed to be taking ages, although i was enjoying it so much. I heard the door open and tried to quickly act as innocent but he wouldnt let me get away, another man came in, about 30 this time, quite fat with a skinhead. he went behind me and started rubbing my arse, totally ignoring the other man. he pulled my trousers down and spat on my arse. i was really nervous and didnt know what to try and focus on, the man gagging me or shoving his fingers up my arse. Then the first man started shoving his cock deeper and faster in to my face before shooting into my mouth, this was the first time i had ever tasted it and i was shocked at how i tasted, it seemed really salty. then he patted me on the head a few times and left. the other man turned me around and started kissing me,at first i didnt open my lips ( this was my first kiss and i didnt really know what to do ) but he f***ed his tongue through, i didnt really enjoy it and kept trying to stop him but he just wouldnt stop. the he spun me around and grabbed my hair and pulled it, i tried to tell him to stop but he covered my mouth with his hands. he spread my arse cheeks with his other hand and shoved his cock inside, it hurt a bit but felt so nice at the same time, he was fucking away for atleast 5 or 6 minutes when i heard the door open again. this person was definatley younger than the other 2, late 20's id say, but quite tall and fat. he came over and started rubbing my stomach, he didnt even unzip his trousers but asked if we wanted to go back to his. i didnt have a chance to answer when the other guy told him that we'd go. he pulled my trousers up, shoved my cock into my pants and e****ted me into the mans car. we got to his house in about 5 minutes and followed him straight upstairs. they started undressing me and although i didnt want them to i was to scared to say so. once i was naked they both got into there underwear. the older one was wearing loose boxers and his balls were slipping out but the other guy was wearing tight calvin Kleins. they played with my cock for a bit before turning me over. i dont actually know who fucked me first but all i do know that the first one wasnt as good as the second. he started fucking me and it was so uncomfortable, it felt like it was too big, he wasnt going particularly fast but he was going deep. he srarted to kiss my shoulder, after about ten minutes he came. the other guy did the same. i quite enjoyed up to that point although i was really nervous, but the the started to take pictures of me. the older on was holding me down and not letting me move. he got underneath me and held my arms. i was really

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