Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It is what it is,...I am what I am- what are you?

The most wonderful thing about the truth is that it does not require our belief order for it to exist. You will NEVER hear me whine when someone says "I don't believe you" because I don't tell tales to be believed, I tell truths, and it's of little consequence to ME if you choose to believe them or not. No lie can change it, it's immune to cynicism, and it certainly doesn't give much of a shit what anyone thinks of it. It is what it is. With that being said, let me begin the first truth: I am David. (the truth begins like all truths,...simple enough) Born in 1969, in the Denver General Hospital to Gary, and Mary at Nine Thirty three PM on November 23rd. When mom's water broke, and the contractions had begun Dad was already tipsy. Mom says dad had to stop on the way for cigs, and got so caught up in telling the cashier about my arrival that it took twenty minutes to get a damned smoke. In her impatience to get to the hospital, and Dad's inability to shut the fuck up in a crisis she got out to fetch the man. My head slid right out between her legs at the register. Fluids pooled, dad panicked, passed out. Cashier (now driver) had to finish taking mom to Denver General. i was born shortly before dad sobered. Here I am 42 years later. On XHamster showing the world everything. Why is this important? Well lets just say that my arrival in this world is exactly the statement that defines who I am,...one hell of an inconvenience,Totally undeniable, but here anyhow. I am what I am. The same could be said about the truth. So much so that often in my rants, weird, and sometimes tasteless comments i bring a very simple but chaotic sense of reality; and like truth, many of you will not like me, or understand me, or accept me. But like the truth, I don't require anything from you to exist,...but it's nice to know you at least saw me,...and maybe,..just maybe you might recognize some part of yourselves in what I post on this site and find some way to spark a friendship with my soulmate and I. So here I sit, right in front of you, my wife and I laid bare in front of anyone who wants to see, saying to you that I am here. WE are here. And we want to know things,.... who what when where how We want so much to share, and contribute, and find meaning in a meaningless world where else to go but to the hottest place we have ever seen? Hamster friends the truth is not just out there,...it's right here, it is waht it is, we are what we are and we can't wait to get to know YOU!!! the only truth to find now is What are you?