Friday, October 19, 2012

Special Delivery

Back in September '08 we were moving from our apartment into our new house about 45 mintues away. I had always enjoyed showing off, taking pics, dressing sexy and the occasional flashing in public. One thing hubby and I talked about was showing off for a delivery guy, maintenance man or something along those lines. After discussing it with John, we decided since we were moving soon, now would be as good a time as ever. I could do something tame or extreme and it wouldn't matter, since we'd be gone in a week. He proceeded to order something online that would be delivered in 3 business days. The time leading up to it was torture...I kept wondering what to wear and what I was going to do. Our apartment was situated inside a large home on the first floor and our door had a peep hole that looked into the common hallway. In the hallway was the main door to the house and behind that, the stairs leading up the other apartments. John figured he'd watch me answer the door through the peep hole so the delivery guy wouldn't feel funny or any hesitation about staring at his wife. After much discussion, I decided to wear black heels with a short black mini skirt and no panties underneath. This particular skirt is short enough that the bottom of my ass sticks out. It's one of John's favorite's to take me out to bars in. As for the top, I decided to wear a very tight and thin white tank top that showed off my stomach. The material is so thin you can pretty much see everything. Anyway the day finally arrives when the package was to be delivered. I was tracking it online so I knew exactly when it would be at our place. I made sure to leave work early so I'd have time to get home and change into my outfit. I walked around the apartment in anticipation and wondering what would happen once he saw me. My pussy was tingling and getting wetter by the minute... Finally the FedEx truck pulls up and I walk out into the hallway and wait for him to come to the door. My heart was racing and he came up the stairs and I got ready to open to door. My hubby John gave me a pat on the ass and closed our door so he could watch. The delivery guy, who is in his mid to late 30's, wore the usual FedEx uniform...polo shirt and shorts. As I opened the door, his eyes practically popped out of his head as his eyes went directly to my hard nipples that were clearly visible through the paper thin material of my tank top. "Um hi, I have a delivery for Jenna, are you her?" he asks. "yes that's me" I reply. "ok you just have to sign here please" he tells me. His eyes still haven't left my tits as he reaches for a pen in his pocket. As he hands me the pen, I decide to "accidentally" drop it so I have to bend down to pick it up. I fumble with the pen and it falls on the floor next to the staircase behind me. "oops, my bad" I say as I slowly turn around and bend all the way over, giving me a full view of my long legs and freshly shaved pussy lips that are poking out in between my thighs. I linger for a few seconds before turning me head and see his eyes are glued to my ass. "like what you see?" I ask "um, well, yea of course it's very nice" he replies. Now I stand up and turn around and see that there is a large buldge in his shorts. "looks like you really are enjoying me" I say, motioning to his crotch. ''yes you are a beautiful woman and your tits are, well..." before he could finish I ask if he'd like a better look at them. "of course" he says. I then remove my tank top, exposing my rock hard nipples to him. "go ahead and have a feel" I tell him. He reaches out and grabs my left breast in his soft hand and begins massaging my pink nipple. At the same time I reach down and rub his very hard cock through his navy shorts. He begins to moan softly and I tell him I love having my nipples sucked on. He leans forward and puts one in his mouth, circling it with his tongue and gently sucking on it. At this point I'm so incredibly horny doing this and knowing John

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