Saturday, October 27, 2012

My b*****r and the video

I was able to sl**p in the other morning, being on the horny side, when I woke up. I got up took a hot shower, shaved everything, brushed my teeth and washed everything really good. When I got out of the shower, I thought I heard something, so I grabbed my towel, wrapped myself up and walked into my bedroom. I looked all around and didnt see anything or anyone. I went back to comb my hair and to oil my body down. I make sure I pay special attention to my tits. I make sure I oil them one at a time, rubbing and tugging on my nipples. I love to feel my hard nipples rub against my arms, it turns me on. Next are my legs, one at a time, oiling them up for super silkiness. My torso and my ass, next. I don't forget my needs to be oiled up after being shaved. My body is oiled up and I go back to my bed. I spread the towel over the sheets, not to get oil on them. I lay in bed rubbing and carressing my body, the way a man would if he were doing it to me. Rub my tits down to my thighs, then to my ass and pussy. I slip a finger on my clit and begin to rub gently, slipping a finger then into my pussy and get my juices flowing. I'm back to rubbing my tits and my pussy at the same time. Oh how I wish there were someone to play with. I reach over to my toy bag and pull out my toys. First my glass butt plug, I lube it generously and insert it deep in my ass. I wiggle a bit, then pump my ass a few times. Leaving the plug in my ass, I pull out my purple rubber dick. I put it in my mouth to suck on it, like i would to a mans dick. MMM I'm ready to fuck my pussy with it. I roll over again and pump my ass again with the plug. Then on my back and I slide the dick into me. It's a bit rough at first, cuz I have that plug in my ass, but I continue to slide it in. My pussy is wet from the special attention of gently sliding in and out. I fuck myself a bit more, then roll over again and pull the plug from my ass. I take my purple dick, lube it up, lube my sss some more and put the dick in me. It's a tad bit bigger than my plug, but with some more lube, I take my time and get it in my hole. The good thing about the purple dildo, is that it has a suction cup on the end. I get up and go to the wall and back my ass up to it. I push the plug hard onto the wall and I'm able to be bent over to fuck my ass. I've done this with my pussy, but this is fun too. I'm fingering my pussy and sliding another dildo in and out. I'm cumming and making a mess on the floor. I scoop up some of my cum from my pussy and put my fingers in my mouth. MMM the taste of my cum. I stop with my ass and bend over the bed. I take the glass dildo and shove it deep in my pussy from the back. I'm pumping my pussy and lifting my left leg, for more depth. The ridges on the dildo feel sooo good. I turn around, lay back on the bed and continue to get myself off again. I rub my cum on my tits and lick my fingers clean. I lay in bed under the sheet for a few minutes. I fell asl**p for a short time, then heard a loud thump. I look around and see that my glass didlo had fell on the floor. I get my toys together, head to the bathroom to give them the proper cleaning. I get myself cleaned up and get dressed. Going up stairs, I hear that noise again. I looked around, but didn't see anything. Once upstairs, I get things together for my daily running. I leave for a few hours. When I get home, I look around to see my little b*****r and his friend watching a movie in his room. My b*****r is just a few yrs younger than me, but the boy has hormones. I've run across him in the early mornings with a raging hard on. I tiptoed towards his room to see what they were watching. To my surprise, they were watching some porn. I could hear the girl moaning and really enjoying herself. I looked through the crack some more and seen that girl that was moaning was me. That shit had taped me this morning. I watched him and his friend jack off to me cumming and licking my fingers. I stepped

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