Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dark Places ch. 01-02

by darthewriter 30-year-old Zahid took a final deep puff of his cigarette, and dropped it onto the wet street outside the gate of his house. A distant clap of thunder warned of more rain to come. He left his muddy shoes on the veranda of his f****y home and walked, in his socks, into the house. Zahid lived in a spacious but modest bungalow in the town of Abbottabad (N. Pakistan) with his parents and elder s****rs. At 5 ft 11 inches in height, Zahid was a handsome young man, with dark eyes and short black hair. He wore a small moustache, the type that teenage boys grow with pride but that never actually grow thickly enough. Even by age 30, his moustache seemed to have become stuck in a time wrap and refused to thicken. Zahid was the youngest of 5 c***dren. He had grown up being shown only affection and indulgence by his parents and siblings. A year or so early additions had been made to the household. His eldest s****r 38 years old Nargis, had returned home following the death of her husband. She had brought along her two teenage c***dren, a girl and a boy. Nargis was an attractive woman, 5ft 9, with a 38, 32, 36 figure. Long black hair, large brown eyes and a very shy smile. The Pathan bl**d in the f****y was obvious. She had maintained her figure and had, some believed, actually improved with age. Certainly, Zahid found her extraordinarily attractive and spent every free moment with her. Being an intelligent and careful woman, Nargis decided that it would be more economical to move into her parent's home and rent her own bungalow out. This arrangement was quite common and no one objected. After all, she was a widow and her chances of re-marriage were almost zero. The only income apart from her widow's pension was the rent from her house. Nargis was the only one at home when he entered. His parents had taken Nargis' two c***dren, and her s****rs to visit their uncle in the nearby town of Mardan. "As salaam Walikum Baji," (Peace be with you elder s****r) Zahid said, walking right up to her and hugging her as he kissed her cheek. Nargis replied, "Walikum salaam" (And peace be with you). As Zahid's hold became stronger and she felt his hands stroke her back as he rested his head on her shoulder Nargis added softly, "Zahid you are getting too old for this c***dishness". "Oh Baji" Zahid said hugging her harder "Don't make a wet, dark day more depressing with 'old fashioned thinking'. You are too young and pretty for 'old-woman' thoughts". Nargis laughed and patted his back. She felt him press himself against her, but decided to ignore the erection that pressed against her stomach. He was after all her younger b*****r. About 8 pm, a telephone call informed Zahid that his parents and the rest of the party would be staying over night in Mardan. The rain had started to fall harder and his parents didn't want to risk a wet mountain road at night. Zahid was pleased to hear this. He had been spending a pleasant evening seated next to Nargis watching TV as she busied herself knitting. Zahid had enjoyed the feel of her warm body and the scent of her talcum powdered body as he sat with his arm around her shoulders, asking her what she was making and for whom. His real interest in her knitting though was in the view it gave him of her breasts. By looking over her shoulder as she kitted, he could get a clear view of her large, full breasts. He watched them rise and fall as she breathed softly and answered his questions with amazing patience. Zahid was wearing his house shalwar kamiz (long shirt & baggy pants). The looseness of the clothing allowed his Lund (manhood) to throb hard and erect without being noticed. He had stopped wearing underwear almost from the moment Nargis had returned to live at home. They were too constraining and he soon realized that Nargis gave him an almost constant hard on. Zahid was still a virgin, and given the very conservative town he lived in, it was unlikely that he would get laid outside ma

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