Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little cream with your Tea

My partner comes home from work and expects a few things. There are days where she's had a long day and she'll just text me in bold letters LONG DAY. If She texts me like that then when it's about 10 minutes before she's about to get home I make sure that there's an ice cold glass of chocolate milk out, along with her foot wash/massage with water that's just barely under what she can handle, and when she's part way through her dinner i draw her a bubble bath. If She texts LONG DAY I NEED DESSERT....well now that's a bit more simple....when i know she's about to come home i shower, get on all fours, and i wait....when She gets home what happens next depends on Her. Well just the other day She was coming home and didn't text me anything which to me means that her day went well and she's likely just not in the mood for anything like that and so i just start dinner. Anyways, dinner goes well after she comes home, we talk for a bit and then we get a knock on the door that she gets, typically i get the door, that's when the neighbor's husband comes in...This part is simple but OUT OF FREAKIN NOWHERE....he is in a robe and comes in, my partner exposes her breasts and he stands there and starts jacking off...i want it fresh, my partner says as She cups her breasts as if presenting them to him. i'm a bit in shock and i only get out, uhhhhhhhhhh what's...and she simply holds up her hand and just as he cums she holds up her tea that she's already drank a bit of and his cum empties into it. i watch as she simply seemed mesmerized by it as She reaches up and milks the rest out and even sucks and licks his cock a little bit before waving her hand for him to leave and he simply does with a soft nod of his head. i remember that his wifey was away on 'more research' with the local munch and was to meet with a locally respected Mistress to learn more...She'd seen her before and this was just another of their meetings. From how i understand it it involves that Mistress's submissives, Her, and a bit of talk when the night was nearly through. But honestly this threw me for a loop i honestly wish i had a picture of the look that must've been on my face. My shock must've shown because she sipped a tiny bit of Her tea, stirred, looked up and asked with an evil i already know the answer but lets see what you say smile upon Her face as She asked; what? i let all my submissive demeanor go and said simply, what the fuck was that? She said with a laugh, you get to fuck his wife just about whenever you want, him and i talked and thought it fair. i thought to myself that She had a damn good point and i really couldn't argue, as there were a lot of complaints that She could've put forward and didn't. Well You could've run this by me you know, i added with a smile and She laughed again saying Yeah but this was much more fun. As i've mentioned men are like playthings to Her and She's told me before how much fun like a cat with a half dead mouse they are to just plain fiddle with and She always notes at the end; and their cum is delicious. Well we both laughed and i said plainly that i'd find a way to get Her which She raised and eyebrow and pointed down; will you now? i spent the rest of the evening on all fours with Her feet upon on my ass and lower back. SO WORTH THE COMMENT :D

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