Monday, October 22, 2012

Did She Want To Fuck Me? (True Story)

The year was 2003. I had just moved in to my girlfriends apartment which was part of a two f****y duplex. During my first day there, while moving my things in the house I met the lady who lived downstairs from us and her 10 year old daughter. She was about 40 years old and single at the time.. She was one of those chicks that been thru so much in life to the point where she went to church daily. This chick did not have the greatest looking face but her body was off the chain..small tits and a phat ass....something like Cherokee D' Ass (porn star). After I was upstairs in our apartment for awhile I went to the basement to take a few things down there and I noticed a pair of panties hanging on the clothes line right in front of me as I came down the stairs. So, being the mans man that I am I paused for a minute and the thought came to my mind "these panties wasn't hanging here when I came down here a little while ago". I walked up to the tan panties and smelled them. WOW! Guess what.. these panties where not fresh out of the washer, they were fresh off my new neighbors ass. I smelt the sweet aroma of her pussy in those panties. My heart started to beat fast and my dick got instantly hard from the smell. I shook it off and went back up stairs. Another thing that used to happen frequently was if I was in my bedroom which was over hers and my girl wasn't home she would knock on the wall once, and i would knock back, but out of respect and fear of my girl finding out i never mentioned this. This other time she came up stairs and knocked on the door and said "I don't know what church you and ___ go to , but you can come visit my church if you want". That was suspect too.... Other than that their were other situations where their were worn sexy panties laying around her washer in the basement. She used to always leave the door to her apartment unlocked. So one day I had the balls to go in there while she was at church. Not to steal anything, but I was curious to see how this chick lived. I went in and her lifestyle was very simple. The only thing i explored was her dresser drawer and from their I figured out that she wasn't the homely church chick I thought she was when I discovered a Baby Phat body suit that had a low v cut in the front of it, lol. All of this went on for the three years I lived in that house. To make a long story short we never fucked, but I always wonder what if..... The end...

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