Friday, October 19, 2012


Brenda squeezed herself onto the bus. There was nowhere to sit, and many were standing, holding on to the rails. She was annoyed. She had to be downtown, but her car wouldn’t start. So the bus would have to do. She wasn’t really dressed for a bus ride. She didn’t have time to change when she found out her car wouldn’t start. So she was in her short skirt and heels, with only a thong underneath. She liked to keep cool in the Venezuelan heat. In fact, she really liked going with nothing under her skirt, but some days that just wasn’t advisable. Today was one of those days, since she had a meeting to go to. It was very close quarters on the bus, which was not comfortable in all the heat. She really wished her car would have started! She inched her way back to the back, since she was off at the last stop on the line. She paid no attention to the man behind her, and started watching out the window. It would be a long ride. At first she thought it was just because of a bump in the road. The man behind her pressed up against her, then he was off of her again. She paid no attention. The road was bumpy, and he brushed against her again. This time it was a little longer. She couldn’t be sure, but maybe it was on purpose. A minute later, he bumped her again. And this time he stayed up against her. She knew now it was on purpose, because she could feel his very erect cock pressing against her ass. “God, he must be huge,’ she thought. It was starting to penetrate and separate her ass cheeks. She thought she should move away, but there was really nowhere to move to. And that huge cock kept pressing between her cheeks. She could think about nothing else but the cock pressing against her. She imagined how big it must be. She wondered what it looked like? Big and veiny? Smooth and dark? Fat? Long? Shaved pubes? Did he have big balls? Lost in her thoughts, Brenda didn’t realize she was pushing back on that cock. And the man was soundlessly humping between her cheeks. Suddenly she realized how wet she had become. Oh my god! I should move away from him! But she didn’t. Her lust was rising. She consciously started pushing back, in rhythm to his thrusting. It felt so good! She was becoming oblivious to everything around her. The bus stopped. Passengers got on and off. But all she was aware of was the man behind her. She hoped he wouldn’t be getting off soon. Then she giggled, thinking that she really DID hope he’d get off soon, but she didn’t mean getting off the bus. It was all Brenda could do to stop herself moaning. She was deeply ashamed, somewhere inside herself, but the lust had overcome the shame. When the man lifted her skirt, she knew she should move. But she didn’t. Would he actually fuck her right here on the bus? In front of everyone? Brenda was biting her lip now to stop from moaning. She felt the rough fabric of the man’s pants now against her nearly bare ass. He was humping with abandon, and she was pushing back with every thrust. His hand was under her skirt now, squeezing her ass. She was more turned on by the second. Then he pulled away from her. Briefly. Brenda almost screamed aloud when she felt him opening his fly. Then his scorching hot cockhead was between her cheeks. Her thong was drenched in her own juice by now. He shifted his cock lower, and she felt it sliding between her legs, against her wet thong, rubbing her pussy. Her legs nearly buckled at that. And then, feeling like a whore, she spread her feet. Giving him access. Welcoming his cock. Like a bitch in heat now. She wanted his cock in her. He stoked between her legs a few times, bringing her immense pleasure and a gush of wetness from her pussy. Then his fingers were pulling aside her thong. She bent slightly, silently urging him to fuck her. She felt his cockhead against her dripping cunt. His hands gripped her hips, and slowly he entered her. She nearly came when the fat head of his cock slid inside of her.

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