Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The sl**pover

Im the only c***d of a young single mother. She had no schooling, she made a living being a secretary. She worked hard, but her meager pay wasn't enough for us. Going into the sixth grade, we had a talk and she explained she had to get a night job to support us and id b ok alone till she came home...so it was. She had me at 19, so she was maybe 31 then. Sometimes she got home real late, and sometimes so d***k she woke me crashing into furniture. She was naive, going practically nude and sl**ping in a sheer silk shirt that came down midway between her bellybutton and her pubic hair...frequently she slept on the couch, her pussy exposed for my young eyes..I took every advantage of it too!! towards spring break, I had my first friend stay the night. We were up late playing Nintendo. He left my room to go pee, and never came back. The apartment had one bathroom, with a door from the hallway and a door directly into moms room. Her light was on, so I looked. My friend was kneeling beside my sl**ping mother. Her legs spread, niteshirt up around her waist, my friend was gently stroking her pussy hairs. I froze at the sight. Noticing me standing there, he shooed me out with his hand. Obediently I turned and walked back to my room. Minutes later he still hadn't returned. I thought enough was enough, im gonna make him stop. Creeping back thru the hall to the bathroom, I rounded the corner and froze again. He was leaning over her, rubbing his cock furiously. Suddenly he jerked, jets of cum shooting over my mothers thighs and even her pussy hair. Then she jerked, suddenly awakening to see him trying to pull up his pants. She then looked squarely at me, then down at the puddles of cum on her thighs. She told me to get a damp washrag, then made my friend use it to wipe his seed off her legs. "You had ur fun, now go to bed boys"..reaching into her nitestand she pulled out a big dido and said "now its my turn. No peeking"...with ghat she shut her doors and we went to my room speechless...needless to say, after that everyone wanted to spend the nite wit me

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