Monday, October 22, 2012


We recently visited my s****r-in-law and spent 2 weeks there at her place in Tampa, Fla. They have pretty big home and have a woman come in everyday to tidy up the place. She actually prepared our rooms for us. She was about 45ish and in pretty decent shape. We had been there for the first week and i noticed the cleaning lady's schedule was pretty routine. Right down to catching her sniffing my underwear. She didn't think i saw her, but she would go in to get the dirty laundry and when she saw my boxer-briefs she would put them to her nose, actually smothering her nose with them. Then take a deep breath thru her nose and smile. My wife and her s****r hadn't seen each other in quite a while so they planned all kinds of girl things to do. I had no problem hangin back at the house, due to I had to finish an online project. So I figured I would have a few drinks at their fully stocked bar then take a relaxing swim in their huge pool. Then maybe later back to work. Well I did all that and finished my project a little early, so decided to check out some porn and enjoy some "ME" time. Just as i was about to cum, I got the idea to cum in my briefs. I held off as long as i could and I had a pretty huge load. I only put 1 small fold in them and covered them with a t-shirt. I then went into the bathroom and left the door open a crack and waited. Sure enough, she was in there like clockwork. She picked up the shirt and put it in her basket. Then she smiled a greedy grin when she saw my underwear. She opened them up and buried her face in them. Immediately she found the cum.When she pulled them away, there was cum on her nose and top lip. I figured she would have been mad, but quite the opposite. She actually wiped the cum from her nose and lip and put in in her mouth. Then began to suck on my underwear and savoured ever bit of what was on the briefs. This got me so hard that I found myself stroking my throbbing cock. After she "cleaned" my dirty laundry, she threw her head back with a huge smile. Then she started speaking out loud and I realized she was talking to me. She turned and said "Do you think this time I can drink right from the fountain?". She walked in and found me completely naked and stroking a hard-on that won't quit. She got down on her knees and gave me one hell of a blowjob. When I came, it was another huge load and she didn't swallow right away. She let it roll around in her mouth and dribbling a little down to her chin. But she never lost any. She ended up swallowing all of it. stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek and said "Good day.".

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