Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camp counselor

If you read my last couple of stories you know I came home from Texas even hornier than when I left and I had quite a bit of fun my senior year By the time that year ended I had quite a reputation but as far as my parents knew I was a perfect angel. So much so that I ended up getting a job as a camp counselor at a Christian summer camp through our church. This was the summer right before I went to college and I had just turned 18. I got the job and was reporting to the Camp Director, let’s call him Sam. Sam was quite an attractive and fit guy to be 45 years old. He was also quite the strict disciplinarian in making sure the counselors followed the rules and kept the k**s engaged and safe. About two weeks into the summer Sam started relaxing a bit, since we had all pretty much caught on to his rules and the place was running pretty smoothly. He had a f****y so after things started running ok he felt fine leaving us at the camp over the weekends (no k**s around) and going home to his f****y. It didn’t take us long to take advantage of that and the first weekend he was away we had a full fledged d***ken college k** fest. We got toasted! The next weekend we started getting a little more adventurous and went skinny dipping in the lake as well…at which point all the guys sported raging hardons and we ladies got a peak at who had it and who didn’t. I more or less zeroed in on Josh, a 22 yo senior counselor with a gorgeous cock. That weekend passed with lots of flirtatious comments and even a grope here and there…that week was super charged in anticipation for the coming weekend. When it finally rolled around we lit the campfire and decided to have some fun. Started off with a little drinking and joking around but before too long we all decided to get naked and go skinny dipping again. Most of the group ran the 30 or so yards to the lake and jumped right in but a few of us hung back. It was a summer night but a little too chilly for me to get in and besides…there were a few guys who decided to hang out by the fire with me, Josh, Dan, and Eric. Dan and Eric were 19 coming off their freshman year in college and best friends. I had originally thought they were gay but as the night progressed it became apparent that all three of the guys had stayed behind because I was there…not for each other. I knew from the previous weekend that Josh had the bigger cock but Eric and Dan were rock hard and sitting to either side of me…a little closer than you would need in order to stay warm with a campfire right in front of you. I really wanted Josh so I kinda ignored Dan and Eric and started asking Josh questions about going to grad school and what his plans were. We talked for a bit, listening to the sounds of horseplay coming from the lake and making fun of them. Realizing that I was more interested in Josh the other two spoke up and mentioned that we should play a game to pass the time. Something like spin the bottle or some other stupid game. Now, having spent the summer with a well hung and talented older man made me feel rather empowered so I told them it was a bit on the babyish side and that if we wanted to play like adults we should just say so…and I looked at Josh and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock. Josh may have been the older one of the three but he turned out to be the shyest and he sort of just looked at me. So…I got up and walked around the fire to where he was sitting and I knelt in front of him. Smiling I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock again and he finally responded with a big grin and a rapidly growing hardon. I began sucking his cock and licking his balls, really enjoying myself, when I felt a couple of hands on my ass. I have to say, I wasn’t that into Eric and Dan but when I have a cock in my mouth all bets are off so I spread my legs a little and arched my back so they could get a better look. They decided to do more than look…one of them starting fingering me while the other played with my tits. B

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