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Mother-in-Law part 5: Lesbo Luv

Terrified, Louise quickly let go of my cock. She’d barely reached some article of clothing in a lame attempt to cover up when Babs entered the room. Nobody said a word for what seemed like minutes. Then Babs offered “very nice” as she examined my semi-hard cock, still glistening from cum and my mother in law’s spit, and Louise’s sweaty nakedness. She slowly walked over to Louise and gave her a big smile. My mother in law just stood there, glancing back and forth between Babs and me. “You missed a spot,” Babs said as she wiped a small gob of cum with her forefinger from my mother in law’s chin. Babs put her other arm on Louise’s naked shoulder and gently dabbed the cum on my mother in law’s lips but got no response. “Not hungry any more?” The sight of the two hot women, so close, so sex, made my cock hard again. Louise froze as her neighbor’s finger traced a cum-streak down her neck. Babs comforted her, “No reason to be afraid. I’ve been thinking of this body, and what I’d love to do to it, for years. It’s a lot hotter than I even imagined.” Babs began massaging Louise’s shoulders as the two women stared into each other’s eyes. My mother in law said nothing but let out a moan when Babs cupped both of her breasts and kneaded them together, stretching and tugging on Louise’s chestnut-hard nipples. “What about me?” I asked. “You just stay right there young man,” Babs responded. Switching places with my mother in law, Babs leaned with her back against the kitchen counter and turned Louise around so I had a full view. Babs ran her hands up and down my mother in law’s body while grinding against her ass and licking the shorter woman’s neck. One hand fondled Louise’s breasts, while the other rubbed and fingered her pussy. Babs was in complete control and my mother in law in total ecstacy. Babs extracted a glistening gob of Louise’s cunt juices and licked her fingers dry, moaning and panting almost in step with the older woman. Next, without letting go of Louise, she offered her a taste too. Louise’s inner thighs glistened with cunt juice as she licked her friends fingers. Their mouths met, tongues hungrily running over each other’s faces as Babs continued her assault on my mother in law’s pussy and tits. Louise crumpled in orgasm, still lip-locked with her friend but barely able to stand as she fell back into Babs' arms.

Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Seven Guess Wh

It was my birthday and there was a party for me at Eddie and Darlene's. Among the people invited were my parents. I was nervous about it but Melody said everything would okay. The party started at seven on Saturday. Eddie was cooking hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies on his nice grill. Darlene was mixing the drinks and sampling as the evening went on. Dad, Peter senior, was into his third margarita already. My Mom, Polly was sipping the same one she got when they arrived. There were about twenty-six people in all at the party. Some were couples Eddie and Darlene had swapped with for long before I ever knew Melody. The rest were couples we had brought into the fold. My favorite couple,part of Eddie and Darlene's group, Wendy and Alphonse were talking to my parents far away from the rest of the crowd. They were a very open couple and I had fucked Wendy several times while Alphonse was spending some time with Melody and Darlene, usually together. Melody and I were staying away from the drinks because Darlene was mixing them in killer proportions and they tasted really great, so someone could easily find they were in a stumbling d***ken state. I walked over to talk to Mom and Dad, who were chatting with Wendy and Alphonse. As I came up I realized the conversation was on the freedom inside an open marriage, the same one Wendy, Alphonse and I had discussed several times on other more relaxed and more naked nights. My Mom was a bit uncomfortable about the subject, but kept quiet while my Dad expounded on how having a little strange pussy keeps a marriage strong. That was what I heard as I approached. "So how's everyone doing here? Anyone need another drink?" My Dad looked at me with this wicked grin and said, "We are doing just fine here. Having a great conversation about marriage." I nodded my head and walked away. I heard my Dad asking Alphonse if his son agreed with the freedom in marriage ideas. Alphonse said, "I don't have a son." My Dad said, he was talking about his own son...me. Wendy started speaking in the enthusiastic way she always did. I heard her say that their son Peter was a wonderful lover. I just kept walking. Melody asked me how they were doing over there and I told her the cat was out of the bag, but I wasn't going to worry about it. She patted my butt and said, "that's probably for the best." I decided I finally needed a drink. When I went to Darlene she said loudly, "Peter, Happy Birthday Baby!! Did you come for a drink or for a birthday kiss?" I smiled and bent down to give her a peck on the cheek. She threw her arms around me and gave me an open mouthed sloppy slightly d***k tongue kiss. That was when I noticed my dad weaving his way to get another drink. I took a drink from the table and waited. Darlene said, "Peter Senior, your Peter Junior is a wonderful son-in-law! Dad thanked her for that and asked, "So tell me Darlene, is he as good a fuck as Wendy tells us?" Darlene squeezed his arm and said, "He is the best! What a nice cock he has and he really knows how to keep a woman happy!" I groaned and walked over to Melody. "What's up now?" she asked. "Well now Dad knows that I have fucked your mother. Knowing him, he will be hitting on someone very soon. I don't know how my mom will handle that." Melody just sighed and said, "well, we believe in this. We can't live a lie. You had to know this would come out sooner or later." I looked back to where Darlene was making the drinks and saw she had been led away by my Dad to the group he had been in all evening. Darlene was sitting down talking animatedly with Wendy, Alphonse, my Mom and Dad. My Mom soon stood up and was walking away. I asked Melody to come with me over there to see if we could salvage anything from the situation. Mom was going to walk past us without saying anything and I stopped her. Uh..how are you doing Mom? Can I get you anything? She looked up at me and at Melody, her eyes blinking. She op

My dirty slut wife

Introduction: I discover my wife is a cheating slut, and I begin to work on a punishment for her. After 15 years of marriage, sex between my wife and I had become pretty stale. There were only a few positions we tried, and our sex sessions were few and far between. After three k**s, it was also hard to have any kind of spontaneity in our sex life either. We had recently moved to a new city, and we were both in new jobs. After about two months at our new jobs, my wife began having a sudden interest in sex again. We began having sex on a fairly regular basis, at least 2-3 times a week as opposed to 2-3 times every 6 months. At first I didn’t question this…I was just happy to be getting something from her again. After a couple of weeks, she admitted that there was a guy at work that liked to flirt with her an awful lot, and it had started to make her feel like maybe she was sexy again. As long as it was flirting, there was nothing to worry about, right? One day, I got off work early, and decided to go surprise her for her lunch. When I got to her work, she wasn’t there, but one of her coworkers suggested she might have gone to the nearby park for lunch, as many of the employees did that on nice days. I thanked her, and followed the directions she gave me to the park. The park was pretty close by, and it only took me a minute to get there. Once there, I saw her car parked in a secluded area, away from most of the other cars. I didn’t think much of it, as she has always been somewhat of a loner and liked to distance herself from any crowds of people. I parked my car, and headed into the park looking for her. I wandered the path through the park trying to find her with no luck. I started walking back towards the parking lot, thinking I missed a side trail, when I heard an odd sound off to my right. There was a slight trail there that led down to the small river that passed through the park. I followed the trail down, the sounds getting a bit louder and clearer as I got closer to the river. As I came around the corner I suddenly was frozen in shock. There was a picnic table along the river bank…and there on the table was my wife. She was bent over the end of the table, her long skirt pulled up around her waist, while one of the guys from her work was standing behind her, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy, as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. She was making little noises of pleasure, and begging him for more. Then, the most shocking thing happened to that point. The guy grabbed a small vibrator from his pocket and pushed it into my wife’s ass! We had never had anal sex during our 15 years together, and I was especially surprised at the fact that this seemed to make her start cumming. It didn’t take long from there for the guy to push deep into her pussy and cry out as he came, filling her with his cum. Before they could get cleaned up and notice me, I quickly went back to my car and drove home. My first thoughts were that I should be angry…but instead I was very turned on. I went into the house and immediately jerked off, thinking of my wife bent over that picnic table. That night we had some of the best sex we had ever had. A couple more weeks went by until I was able to get off work early again. This time, I went straight to the park to see if my wife was there before going to her work. I was not surprised at all to see her car in the same spot as the last time. I was earlier than the last time, and should have been early enough that she had not been here long. I was just about to get out of the car, when a pickup truck pulled up next to my wife’s car. The man who got out was the same guy I had seen her with before. However, I was surprised to see another man get out of the truck as well. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they were smiling and laughing at each other as they walked towards the trail that would take them down to the secluded picnic table. I gave them a few minutes to

Ex-girlfriend Sarah, true story 1

This is the first in a series of true stories about Sarah, an ex-girlfriend of mine. At the time of these stories, Sarah was between 21 and 25 years of age. It is with great pleasure that I embarrass the girl by telling the world what a horny bitch and what a total and utter exhibitionist she is. Sarah and I went away for a dirty weekend, staying in a hotel in the city of Bath, (UK). We arrived after 9pm and it was dark. I saw some notice the management had put in the room about work being carried out on the exterior of some parts of the building and something about scaffolding out there, but didn’t think any more about it. Sarah and I had a good meal and eventually climbed into bed. The following morning Sarah got out of bed, totally naked, walked over to the window and flung the curtains open. She just stood there, looking out of the window, then she stood with her hands on her hips, smiling to herself. I said ‘What is it?’ She said ‘Did you see that notice about building work outside? Well, there’s scaffolding right outside our window and there are three builders on it – just staring at me’. I said ‘Do you think you ought to close the curtains?’ She replied ‘Hummm, no, not yet. They are still having a good look at me’. I could see she was looking down at them and said ‘Are they down below the window level so they are looking up at you?’ She said ‘Yes, they are staring at my breasts and if I move up closer to the window they will be able to look up at me between my legs’. I said ‘And are you going to do that for them?’ She didn’t reply, but just walked right up close to the window and stood with her hands on her hips, with her legs astride a bit. She giggled and said ‘Well, they are really having a good look at me now. They’re staring at me, right between my legs. Oh dear, it looks like I’m giving them all erections, judging by the bulges in their overalls. Well, they’ve seen enough now – that was just to tease them’. Then she walked back a bit, closed the curtains and ran over to the bed, leaping on it, pulling the bedclothes back, pushing me onto my back and sitting astride me. She looked down at my early-morning erection and said ‘Are you going to use that up me or am I going to get the builders up here to satisfy me, with their rough hands all over my body?’ Then she lifted herself up, moved forward and sank down again, with my penis inside her. She was soaking wet inside, obviously getting really horny from exposing her tits and pussy to the builders. Then, she just used my dick for her satisfaction, moving so that her clit was rubbing up against me, until she shuddered and came. I knew she was thinking about what she had shown the three builders, or maybe imagining them groping, probing and fucking her. Well, that is the first in a string of true stories about Sarah M. my horny ex-girlfriend, who I intend to humiliate further, when I email a link to her new boyfriend from this site.

Girlfriend cheating again

my girlfriend very rarely goes out and we never really spoke much bout her being with another guy even tho we both enjoyed it last weekend she was out in town we sent a cpl of dirty txts saying wat we would do wen she get bk in and i couldent wait to pull her boots off and suck her sweaty feet bout an hour went past wen i received a text which wasent meant for me but 4 the guy who she fucked b4 telling him she was gutted he couldent make it out cause she was looking 4ward to a mouthful of his spunk i was a little annoyed she diddnt say she was meeting him but it gave me an instant hard on i messaged her bk saying well ull have to find another cock to suck thn wont u she replied maybe i will nd tomorro ive got a surprise 4 u i kept messaging asking her wats she up to she was just giving 1 word answers im dancing or busy it went by afew hours we i got a text saying ive met a guy were going somewhere quiet soon she got bk in told me to pull off her boots rubbed her sweaty socks over my face b4 i removed thm and started to suck each toe then she told me to stop she wanted to show me wat she done she showed me a pic of her with a mouth full of cum she told me thn to get bk on the floor suck her feet nd wank at the same time i covered her feet in thick loads of cum nd she just told me to clean them b4 she went to bed nd ull hsve ur surprise tomorrow the next nite come and she told me she wanted me to paint her toe nails in green nail varnish she knows i love to spunk over her varnished toes she told me to go nd get her favourite underwear nd dressing gown so she can get ready ready for what i said when she was putting on her lipstick thn it was a knock on the door i went to get up to answer it when she told me it was dan and uve gotta go nd hide in another room wen i fuck him so hurry up and hide so i can get fucked she said when she answered the door i just heared her tell him get that cock out i need ur spunk 1st she was sucking him off in the hallway i heared her gagging on his cock with him moaning he was moaning louder and louder wen he said he was gna cum she was telling him to wank it into her mouth so she can swallow after she swallowed she was telling him shit that was alot of spunk hope u got some more left 4 later she got up off the floor took him into our bedroom and thats all i heared 4 over an hour and half was her being fucked nd licked out telling him to fuck her harder nd how much better he is in bed than me then i heared him walk into the bathroom nd i thought thats it he mus be going now wen i heared him put on the shower she was still lieing on the bed wen he walked backout of the shower with his cock hard again this time she left the bedroom door open and proceeded to suck him again afer abit he told her to bend over the bed so he could fuck her ass she screamed wen he first put it in thn afer awhile it turned to moans i heared her have a mind blowing orgasm thn he pulled out nd spunked all over toes thn he left cause she told him id b there by a certain time she shouted to me know get in here nd clean my feet i was just about to do as i was told wen she said u cum on thm 2 i was that turned on her feet nd our bedroom floor was covered in cum thn she made me lck her feet clean b4 she rubbed her soles into the cum on the floor nd made me lick that to

Alice's Son

After the best sex of my life with Alice on our first date, I was totally in her power. I was 'cunt struck' as they say, and nothing she could do would drive me away as long as she allowed me the pleasures of her sweet cunt and beautiful ass. As a spoiled rotten, natural bitch she tested me many times over the next few years, but it was her son who finally broke the bond. Ned was 17 and entering his senior year at the best, most expensive prep school in town. When introduced, he was barely able to repress a sneer when told I was a worker in his grandfather's company. His school chums' dads were all doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc., and I could tell he thought me beneath his mother's social status. As I soon found out, he was also jealous. Alice and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. At first, she would follow me home after work to fuck and suck to exhaustion, then she would drive home to her semi-mansion on the other side of town. She began dropping by my work station to discretely rub against me, leaving me with a raging hard on. We would leave for lunch in separate cars to meet at the park, where she would suck my dick then ride me to a mutual orgasm. I wanted desperately to spend the night with her, but Ned was always in the way. Finally, though, he had a weekend-long tennis tournament. I've never, before or since, had such a sex-filled weekend. We fucked and sucked in every position, in every room, and on every piece of furniture in her beautiful home, and at the end of the weekend I knew Ned was going to have to deal with a new man in the house - I was moving in. Ned was barely civil to me, but I didn't care - I felt I could win his friendship and break his 'Momma's boy' bond. Little did I know that bond was stronger than any I had even ever heard of. Several months passed with me living in their home, and the only thing disconcerting was I'd hear Ned at the door when we were making love in her bedroom. I would mention this to Alice, but her reply was only "he's just a curious boy." One afternoon Alice's father gave me a job which would take many hours, due the next day, and as Ned had an important mid-term exam, Alice left early to help him study. I worked at lightning speed and finished in record time. Alice and I hadn't had sex for two days, a record for us, and I couldn't wait to "get all up in that", growing a boner on the 35-mile trip to her house. I decided to surprise her and walked softly around the back of the house where the bank of windows in the kitchen and den were always open. They looked out onto an impressive landscape and a wooded hillside. I could see Ned at the bar, his books open, but his back was to them and his head was thrown back as if looking at the ceiling. I kept walking softly to see what was going on, and suddenly realized that Alice was sucking his dick! His pants were around his ankles and she was bent at the waist bobbing up and down while gripping a bar stool leg for support with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, something she only did when giving head, so I knew this was a planned event, not spontaneous. Ned's head was back with mouth open, enjoying his mother's warm mouth and obviously about to cum. I knew I shouldn't, but couldn't help but watch this run its course. Ned had a big, circumcized dick - it was inflamed red with passion, had a large mushroom-shaped head, and appeared over seven inches in length. It appeared no stranger to Alice's wet mouth as she licked and sucked in all she could take. He began to hunch in and out of her mouth, and stood up as she dropped to her knees, continuing to suck while jacking him off as he shot his load. As he started to cum, she took as much of his cock in her mouth as possible and I could see her cheeks move in and out in a suction motion. I was at the same time appalled, embarassed, and even a little turned on by what I had just seen. I snuck back to my car and

The Stranger in Pink Shoes

I had just parked the car outside B&Q, an out of town store on a retail park near Dartford when I glanced up and saw her deep red lipstick. I have had a fascination with women who wear lipstick ever since I was seduced by aunt of mine and who always wore lots of lipstick. As I got out of the car I then noticed her bright pink 5 inch high heel shoes and her short white skirt. She clearly wasn't wearing nylons or tights and might as well have had a great big sign on her back saying, 'look at my sexy legs'. She was also a BBW which I absolutely adore. Strangely she walked about five paces ahead of her husband. I assumed, like me, he enjoyed looking at her sexy legs. I followed them into the store. Although I wanted to get a good look at her face I was mesmerised by her shoes and legs. All thoughts of what I was going to buy in the store vanished from my mind as I found myself following them. As they stopped and looked at some picture frames I too stopped and pretended to do the same. I was looking at her legs when her husband turned and looked at me and smiled. I quickly looked away and as they moved on I carried on following them. Then suddenly they turned and started to walk towards me. My eyes instantly went to her deep red lipstick and as they walked past me she smiled and I breathed deeply and smelt the wonderful aroma of her perfume. I quickly guessed that she was in her late 40s. Again her husbnd walked a few paces behind her and then I suddenly realised he was holding a small camcorder in his hand and it was clearly pointing at her legs. I loved the sound of the clip clop of her heels on the tiled floor and once again my eyes were transfixed on her tarty pink high heel shoes and shapely legs. They carried on walking round the store, occasionally stopping and looking at products on sale. It must have been blatantly obvious that I was following them and staring at her legs. At times she would bend down at look at something on the bottom shelf, unfortunately I wasn't close enough to see anything but I guessed that her husband was zooming in with the camera. Then suddenly her husband walked directly up to me and said, 'Do you want to fuck her?' I felt myself blushing and thought he was going to hit me but then said, 'She wants you to fuck her and I want you to.' I just nodded and he said, 'This way.' I followed them as they made their way to the corner of the store where the toilets were. He opened the door to the disabled toilet and I followed them in. I said, 'I'm Roger.' He said, 'Hi Roger, we are, well she is Dee.' She turned to face the wash basin and the large mirror and her husband stood behind her and raised her skirt. Not only was she not wearing nylons or tights she wasn't wearing any panties either. I realised that he was still filming her. I dropped my trousers and underpants and my rock hard cock sprang to attention. I moved up behind her and felt her pussy and eased a finger inside her. Her husband ordered me, 'Don't play with her just fuck the slut.' I moved my hand and slid my cock in her wet hole from behind. She was so wet it slipped in so easily and soon I was embedded deep inside her. I looked in the mirror and looked at her face. It showed me how much she was enjoying it as I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt. Her husband now had his trousers round his ankles and was frantically rubbing his hand up and down his erect cock. It was a really weird situation. I was fucking this complete stranger who hadn't even uttered a word to me while her husband was watching us and masturbating and filming his gorgeous wife being fucked. She was getting more and more excited as she pushed her ass back towards me to meet my forward thrust. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and I realised this was the first sound I had heard from her. Her orgasm was soon happening and I felt a huge stream of her cum engulf my cock. Her husband, 'Make the slut cum again before you do and then cum inside her sl