Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teasing my husband - public nudity

Long car rides make me horny. I don't know why. Maybe it's seeing all the other people on the road, or sitting there with nothing to do. Whatever it is, I can't help it. We were just recently married, so I didn't see any harm in it. Just like so many other girls have done, I took my shirt off in the car. There wasn't even anyone coming, but he got royally pissed off! Aww, he was young and jealous! So I put my shirt back on. However, it didn't take long before he admitted to me that, however strange it seemed to him, it was a huge turn-on! :) Now that's what I wanted to hear! So, a few weeks later, I decided to test him. We decided to rent a movie one evening. It was summer, and days were long and hot, so I wore a short pair of cutoff jeans and a little blouse with a diving neckline, and of course, braless! I could tell he was nervous as I was seriously getting checked out by all the guys in the store! As we looked at the rows of movies, I kept picking out movies on the bottom shelf, bending way over and taking my time. He nudged me a little when I took too long to stand up again, but it wasn't until we got home that he realized that I had taken scissors and cut a clean cut in the crotch of the shorts to reveal my pussy and ass when I bent over! THATS why the guys in the store were fussing so much! He started to complain, and I quickly pulled his cock out. He was so turned on, that I only sucked him a minute and he exploded in my mouth. Mmmm, I think he was hooked! So the next time we went for a walk, I put on a loosely crocheted top and some shorts, and we went for a walk. I really expected to walk past some old men on the way and give them a thrill, but instead, we ran into a group of k**s at the skatepark. I was ready to beat it out of there, when my husband starting asking them questions about skateboarding! OMG, here I was with my tits totally visible through the fabric, and my nipples actually sticking out through the holes in the top! I think he was testing me! The oldest boys were probably 16 or so, and definitely noticed my nipples clearly protruding all the way out into the open air! So I "accidentally" brushed my fingers on them a few times, causing them to be totally erect! This game of ours continued for probably 15 minutes or so! Then the k**s totally watched us walk back to our house, now knowing full well where I lived! The games continued there until we moved quite a few states away, but the memories are still fun to think about!

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