Sunday, October 21, 2012

The last Hurrah as a single

Okay I am a pervert or something because the most erotic thing I can think of is to watch as my wife slides her tongue over a another mans cock and then to watch as she takes it into her mouth. The image of her cupping his balls in one hand while the other guides his cock to her mouth, sucking it inside and then having him fuck her mouth as she moans and sucks it deeply is a turn on for me. I am getting ahead of myself so let me go to the beginning. The first time it happened was at a party while we were separated. We were getting back together the next week but she wanted me to go with her to a party as a couple dating before the actual moving back in. It was at a college townhouse and was packed. She had been partying a lot with co-workers at the local college while we were apart so my wife had become sort of a wild c***d during that time and explored the single side. We arrived at the party and the understanding was either could hook up with someone if the opportunity arose. I was about 9 years older than the college aged guys and gals but fit in great, she was closer to their age. The evening went fantastic, I was an attraction for the younger girls and she was a hit with the guys. We danced with each other and others, drank a hell of a lot of booze and both of us had our kisses and touching with others thru the night. The place was really wild and she was really d***k and flirting with everyone. One of the hosts and I were talking and watching her and he said “Your date is ready for anything tonight.” I replied “I think so too.” H e told me that she had been to a few parties there before and a lot of the guys wanted to fuck her but she was never that d***k to take advantage of. Oh there had been the usual making out but never to a extreme. I said “Maybe she is tonight. I’d like to see her go extreme before we went back to the married lifestyle.” He laughed and said maybe he could arrange that. She was dancing and he went to her and grabbed her arm and announced that Liv would be the first to down a bong of beer. She had never been a beer drinker but with the yells and encouragement she took on the challenge. She got on her knees, everyone gathered around her. She took the bong tube, licked the end sensually which brought the guys to yell for her and they turned it upside down and down came the cold beer. She was drinking it as fast as she could, a lot escaping from her mouth and drenching her top making it cling to her sheer top and no bra breasts. Her nipples were standing out for all to see and the guys were hooting and encouraging her to down it all. She did her best but fell backwards from the beer effects and the already d***ken state she was in. Everyone went crazy, she was on the floor surrounded by the crowd and was just laughing. She was helped to her feet and was staggering as she walked thru the crowd. The host (John) came to me and said “come with me”. We went to the top of the stairs and watched as she staggered to the stairway and came face to face with the biggest black guy I have ever seen. He must have been a football player because he was huge. She bumped into him and look up and d***kenly said “ Gee you are the biggest black man I have ever seen.” He looked down at her, looked up at us. I nodded and he smiled as he took her arm and began to lead and pull her up the steps. I heard him say, “you ain’t seen big yet.” She was too d***k and too stunned to resist him. My host and I entered a bedroom and went to a hidden addition to the room. He said “this is our video and watching area.” He sat up a video camera and turned it on. The door opened and in came Liv and the black guy. She was hesitating and saying “I don’t know about this” as he pulled her in with him. The Black guy pushed her down to the bed and she was sitting on it as she was staring at his crotch area. He smiled and said “you’ll enjoy this part” as he unzipped and out sprang a black monster that looked as the head w