Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jane at the Cinems Part 3

Jane at the cinema part 3 ........... Jane walked out of the auditorium through a small side door looking for the toilet and found herself in a corridor. She walked down and eventually found a door marked Staff Toilet. There was no one around so she thought what the heck and pushed the door open. She found her self in a small dimly lit room with only one Small window up near the roof. There were two hand basins and one cubicle with the door ajar. The place clearly wasn't use very often, so she wandered over to the sink and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She could see the wet sticky patches on her mouth and face where the guys cum had trickled from her overflowing mouth and run down her chin. She could still taste him her mouth heavy with the salty taste and she licked her lips at the thought of it. Even now she couldnt believe what had happened, she had read about these things but never expected it to happen to her. She had to admit though once she had gotten over the initial shock it had been exciting and a little scary. She felt an aching in her stomach that hadn't been fully relieved by the guys fingers and she wished that they had gone a little further, her heart skipped a beat at the thought. she sigh and started to wash her face and while splashing water onto her face she failed to hear the door behind her open and close quietly. Jane was drying her face and hands on a hand towel when someone slipped up very close behind her and reached round and grasped her breasts and whispered in her ear "hello sweety I was watching your little performance in there just now and you were so good, and I'm feeling so damn horny now that perhaps you would like to help me out too. He was tweaking and teasing her nipples through her blouse and they were hardening in response, she gasped with the utter surprise and shock of this new situation. It obviously wasn't the same guy as before, this guy was tall and well built and had big hands which completely engulfed her breasts , and he was standing so close to her that she could feel the heat from his thick erection which was pressed hard against her ass. She didn't know what to think she knew that she should push him away and leave but the churning in her stomach and the ache in her hard nipples were sending signals to her brain and before she could change her mind she found herself being led towards the cubicle. The guy helped her in and got her to sit down and closed and locked the door. He turned and came and stood in front of her, his groin close to her face. Jane looked up at him and he said go on honey, show me what you can do. She looked down at his groin and could see his erection outlined in his trousers. She put her hand up and ran her finger slowly up and the length of his cock which was hot through the material. It looked to be long and thick she heard the guy sigh quietly and she pushed her hand against him and gripped him tightly. Jane felt her heart rate go up, his cock was huge and twitching madly. She found his zip and gently tugged it down and his cock almost sprang out. She slipped her hand inside to discover that he was wearing no underwear. She took his throbbing cock in her and tried to ease it out but it was trapped, the guy then undid his trousers and dropped them to the floor. She sat back to admire the view and took a deep inbreath of air as she took in the sight of his magnificent member. It was long and fat with thick veins above a heavy pair of balls. Her hand reached up and grasped him and positioned his fat helmet by her face. Up close he smelt good, clean and a little scented. She leaned forward and ran her Tongue around the end of his cock, tasting his wetness that had leaked out, his precum tasted sweet. she took a moment to swallow, and then leaning forward again she slipped his cock head into her mouth and looked up into the guys eyes as she began to suck and lick him. He sighed loudly this time and put his hand on her head

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