Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mom On The Make

This story is a work of Fiction and Shall be treated as such This story is Originally written by Robert Vickers I am just sharing it here for you people to enjoy. CHAPTER ONE "Goddammit, you fuckin' slut, what d'ya mean sayin' somethin' like that to your husband?" Lee slurred. Joanne King could barely tolerate the hundred horsepower breath gusting into her face. Her husband had really gone on a binge this time. He was d***ker than she could ever remember seeing him. She didn't much like it-and had told him so. "Please, Lee, don't cause a scene. . "Scene?! You stinking cunt! I'll do any damn thing I damn well please and you're not gonna say a fuckin' word about it!" Before Joanne could open her lips to speak, Lee backhanded her as hard as he could. The slim, petite woman was almost lifted from her feet and thrown against the wall. Weakly, she felt her crushed lips, the trickle of the red, red bl**d dribbling down her chin. "Why did you do that, Lee? Why?" she asked. "Teach you not to give me no more lip,' that's why!" Joanne's knees had turned to rubber. She felt her guts chum and go weak and watery. This was it. She had had it with Lee and his weekly d***ks when she had married him almost twenty years ago, he had been a nice, easygoing sort of guy. But the pressures of getting a job, then hanging onto it, had preyed on him. He wasn't the smartest or most talented man in the world, but Joanne had loved him. The pressures had simply been too much, and he had turned to booze for his comfort. Joanne had tried to do what she could do to cure him of his dependence on liquor, but it seemed that the more she meddled, the worse Lee got. Finally, Joanne had resigned herself to the fact that Lee probably was better off going on his binges. The past month had been pure hell for her, though. Lee had gotten totally blasted out of his head every night and had grown more and more callous toward her. Joanne couldn't understand it. All that mattered was the change. Lee was treating her like a slave instead of his wife and mother of their two c***dren. Joanne knew that Lee had already driven their son, Eddie, away for good. The constant fights, the loud shouting matches that solved nothing, had been too, much for Eddie. He was in the, process of moving out of the King house and finding a place of his own. But that would have happened anyway, Joanne told herself. Eddie was a big boy. Eighteen in less than ~a month and time for him to be out on "AU IA - I] K• >4 S 211 ~ 'J~V>.% dl. Mi TAt I £A3 i Pt his own. "Yer makin' me sick, showing off your drooping boobs like that. Ya ain't got any shame left, do you? Yer nothin' but a cheap whore now screwin' every stud in this goddamn neighborhood!" Joanne looked at her husband in surprise. She was as faithful as a wife could be. Sure, she had looked around at some of the men in the neighborhood, but she was a good wife. Faithful to her marriage vows. "What the hell are you talking about, Lee? I don't understand what you mean." "Don't lie to me, you fuckin' bitch!" Lee snarled. "I know you been going around the place selling your body to any man who can get five bucks together." His blurry eyes drank in the vision of his wife's beauty. It was incredible that a thirty-five-year-old woman could be so youthful in body and face. Her figure was something most models would have sneered at-Joanne King was too full-bodied. She wasn't the scrawny, emaciated-looking model. That 37-24-36 would never have made the covers of any of the high-fashion magazines. It did turn the heads of most of the men she passed on the street. They appreciated the trim lines, the taut, firm fits that jutted proudly in front of her body, swaying the barest amount as she walked. Her trim waist flared out seductively to woman1y~ hips and a round, tight ass that wiggled and swung as she strolled along. Joanne didn't consciously wiggle her ass for any passing male to ogle. It was just a part of her that she couldn't control. C

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