Monday, October 22, 2012

Julia is becoming our favorite fuck toy

Hanging around the house this morning after an eventful, hot, week, got a text message from our neighbor Julia, "Girl, I am horny". I yelled to Ben who was in the living room, "Ben, Julia is Horny!" chuckling to myself. "Oh yeah?" Ben said, "What's she gonna do about it?" I text Julia back and she said "Come over, if you're free". Well, I wasn't expecting to have a little fuck with Julia this morning but it's hard to let a friend down. I text her back, "We're Free. :D" In about 15 minutes Julia appeared, dressed in short shorts and a white t shirt with no bra. Her nipples were clearly erect. She greeted me by kissing my tits, protruding up thru my bra, one by one. Ben came out and jokingly said, "I'm NOT a Dick for Hire!" and I said that's a good thing, because she's not paying us. We laughed and she went to sit on the couch, trying to act non chalant. Ben and I drank our coffee, staring at her. "Is someone gonna fuck me, or what?" Julia said and we really laughed, and the two of us went to sit on the floor in front of her. Ben reached under her and pulled her shorts and panties off. "Get on all fours and stick your ass up" Ben told her. She stood up, turned around and bent over and stuck her ass and pussy in our face. I wet my fingers, and started to play with her cunt, rubbing one finger on her clit. Ben said "OOOH, lick her Babe" which I did, running my tongue up and down her slit, sucking on her clit briefly. I was getting hornier than I expected. Ben guided my head with his hand, pressing my face against Julia's pussy, saying softly "Eat her, Babe", holding my head firmly. Tasting her, I continued to lick and suck Julia. She whimpered, moaning and sighing intermittently. I sat back, and Ben started to play with her, saying, "Oh yes, this pussy is ready, she's ready", his fingers going in and out of her hole, rubbing her wetness around her lips and clit. I love watching him play with a pussy! Cupping her from underneath, he rubbed her pussy harder, both of us watching her pussy get wetter. Ben stood up, dropped his shorts to the floor, leaving his black t shirt on. His cock sprang up and I sucked him, his delicious and enormous cock filling my mouth. He continued finger fucking her pussy while I sucked him, "Sherry and I are gonna make you CUM, Julia, you wanna cum?" He mounted her from behind, and started fucking her, her legs spread wide, and he pummeled her, his dick deep inside her cunt, while I watched from below. "Eat her pussy while I fuck her, Babe" Ben said, which is exactly what I was planning to do. I got closer and ran my tongue over her clit, she was incredibly wet, and Ben's dick was all the way inside, so I ran my tongue over his dick when he pulled out slightly and sucked her clit when he fucked again. "HOLY SHIT THAT FEELS SO HOT!" Julia said, being fucked and licked at the same time. I know the feeling is what I thought :D Ben continued to pump her, and I steadily sucked and licked them both, feeling and tasting her juices start to drip out of her more and more. Her clit hardened on my tongue, and I knew she was going to cum soon. I wanted to make her cum!! I grabbed onto Ben's ass with one hand, pushing him harder and faster into her wet pussy, while I continued to suck her. Her legs trembled and she kept moaning "I wanna cum, I wanna cum", and she did== Ben filled her cunt with his dick and I knew her pussy was spasm'ing on him by the look on his face. "FUCK!" Julia cried, cumming hard on his dick and my mouth and I loved every fucking second it. Leaving his dick in her, we waited until she stopped shaking, and Ben pushed her on the couch onto her back, lifting her legs by the knees and spread her apart. "I'm gonna fucking cream your pussy" he said to her. Her pussy was soaked and wet, and he started pounding her, holding her legs apart wide, her pussy stretched around his throbbing dick. I immediately saw his cream oozing out of her pussy as he continued to ram h