Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cuckolded by our landlord part two

Read part one first! After the door closed behind my girlfriend and our dirty old landlord I sat frozen for a few minutes not really sure what to do. The spell was soon broken though by the sound of bedsprings. The rickety old bed made a real racket at the best of times, but by the sounds of it Derek had just sat down quite heavily on it. I moved quickly and as quietly as I could over to the bedroom door to see what else I could hear, the first thing I heard was Derek laughing “He’s listening at the door now, I can see his shadow” he chuckled, “I bet he’s having a wank”. Sally joined in laughing but the bed creaked again and her laughing was muffled and turned once more to moans, I could only guess but it sounded like they were kissing again and that he had his hand in her knickers. My stomach was in turmoil and my cock was raging hard, so I decided that I might as well play along and unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. Grabbing my cock I leaned against the door my ear pressed up against the wood listening in to the sordid sex session my eighteen year old girlfriend was having with our fat, balding forty odd year old landlord. “That’s it love,” he grunted on the other side of the bedroom door, “lick up the length and then suck it into your mouth...oh fuck that’s it, good girl.” I could hear slurping and sucking noises and moans from my girlfriend’s throat as she sucked Derek’s cock on our bed. He laughed again and she broke off giggling, “Sorry love my belly gets in the way a bit doesn’t it?” The bed springs creaked more, and I guessed he’d lain down, “There you go, get this in your mouth” he told her. “Mmmm you dirty old bastard” Sally giggled before resuming the slurping and sucking sounds I’d heard earlier. I desperately tried to keep a slow pace to my wanking as I didn’t want to cum too soon, but I was having a really hard time of it as I listened in. There was more creaking from our bed as Derek told Sally to move around a bit, “Hang on a sec let’s get these off” I heard him say. A few moments later she gasped, “Oh fuck yeah lick my cunt”, then giggled “Ooh that’s dirty you can’t lick me there! Oi! I didn’t say stop!” they both broke into laughter again, then the sucking and slurping sounds resumed only broken by the creaking of the bed and moans of delight from Derek and my girlfriend. I didn’t know how much longer I could last without cumming and it took a superhuman effort to stop myself when I heard Derek tell Sally to stop sucking, “I’m going to cum in a minute love, let’s get it up you”. Sally moaned and Derek grunted as I guessed he was manhandling her into position on the bed (I later found out he took her missionary on this occasion.) “Oh fuck yes” my girlfriend cried out as our bed springs started a fast rhythmic squeaking, dirty old Derek was giving it to my girlfriend hard and fast and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I grunted as I shot my load all over myself, the carpet and our bedroom door. I still remember it was one of the best orgasms of my life and I’m sure I nearly passed out. “Oh yeah, oh yeah” Sally was moaning and breathless as Derek fucked her harder and faster, the bed springs were groaning and squeaking in time and the headboard was beating hard against the wall. “Oh you dirty slut” he cried out and the squeaking and banging rhythms briefly quickened to a frenzied pace before becoming erratic and finally dying down as our landlord cashed in on his end of the bargain by shooting his load up my girlfriends cunt for the first but far from the last time. I looked down at my cock to see that I was instantly hard again, but I didn’t want them to come out and find me like this so I zipped up and cleaned up as best as I could, getting done just as Derek opened our bedroom door. He was shirtless, his big hairy belly hanging over his jeans which he was just zipping up. He shut the door behind him, “Sit down” he told me. So I did. I expected

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