Monday, October 22, 2012

Jimmy James

I met jimmy james on a solo camping trip. I needed to get away so off I went to the national forest. I always go skinny dipping at the boat launch area after dark or walk down to the beach. That night I chose the boat ramp as no one was around and all cars and boats were gone. I left my summer dress on a large rock, and slipped into the warm night water. I was swimming and lying on my back and enjoying the solitude. My son and his friends come out a lot and I heard and saw a car that looked a lot like his, so I jumped up out of the water exposing my breast and waving my arms to get their attention. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't them at all. There was a lot of honking and yelling of teenage voices and I dunked down in the water but by then they were down on the boat launch. Nudity doesn't bother me, those who've read my other story will know that, anyway they all jumped in the water and came over by me I could tell they were a bit high or d***k. I’m not promiscuous but I’m not a prude and like any woman, I enjoy flirting. I was enjoying the feel of their eyes burning into my breast as I floated on my back jimmy james turned out to be 22 and a marine home on leave we chatted as I floated and swam around he came up behind me a few times I noticed his erection and I’d pull away and swim just out of reach of course he followed and he grabbed me and held me in his arms and said you're not real shy huh?, I told him no but that didn't mean I was easy either and he laughed and said I never thought you would be maam. he dunked under water and grabbed me and put me on his shoulders, this brought cheering from the other boys I was enjoying the attention but told the boys to be quieter or we might cause a scene jimmy james leaned forward but held my legs and I fell to a point where I was nose to penis on him, all I heard was " suck his cock suck his cock " I laughed and said no no boys which brought on a chorus of long boos and a repeat of " suck his cock suck his cock " I told jimmy to let me down and he said " aww just a little bit ? " I told him later maybe down on the beach he said " aww just like for a sec? " of course the chorus of "suck his cock suck his cock " started again, so I took him in my mouth and the count down began 1000 one 1000 two...before the 2 minutes were up he came in my mouth and I swallowed him down my throat. I turned and said there boys now I need a beer. they couldn't wait to get me a beer so I slipped my sun dress on and ran down to the beach the boys caught up and I laid my towel down and took off my sun dress and leaned back, I was surrounded by boys immediately the sound of beer tabs popping could be heard and then I felt a cold beer pouring on my tummy then a hot tongue and lips sucking and licking at the beer. I said oh wait now boys what are you thinking? jimmy james kissed me then said ever do a gang bang I told him no and I didn't think I could, he said sure you can just lay back and he pushed/nudged me back and I laid back and he kissed my forehead and said close your eyes. I don't know why women are born with a conscience unlike men but I heard myself saying I can't do this, jimmy came and kissed me and said yes you can as if he read my thoughts and I felt two mouths on my nipples sucking and nibbling but clumsy as only young men can be but when one of them went down on my pussy I raised myself up so my pussy was tight against his mouth jimmy james ran his cock over my lips and I opened my mouth and took his cock and started sucking it whoever was eating my pussy was very good at it because it was a very short time before I had an orgasm. Jimmy slid his way down my body and I felt his cock sliding into me jimmy picked me up and put my legs over his shoulders and started a slow steady pumping in and out of my pussy I loved the attention of having the boys watch and cheer jimmy on as he fucked me. his strokes became deeper and faster I’ve never been a " silent fuck " and soon I was moa

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