Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Wife was Set Up pt1

Chris and I are the typical late 20s with two good jobs and no k**s. We have elected to put off the f****y to enjoy our time with each other, travel and save some money before we take on the responsibility of c***dren. This freedom allows of time to take care of ourselves and Chris has taken advantage of that with a workout and recreation schedule that includes the gym, bicycling and swimming. She is a slender 5'7" with light brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a smattering of light freckles on her cheeks. Her breasts are B/C cup which look quite good on her frame. I'm more of a golf kind of guy and not in near the shape of Chris. As you might expect, I carry a few extra pounds on a medium 5'10" build. Fortunately, Chris has the good manners not to bring it up, at least not too often. We enjoy and active social life with frequent dinners and parties intermingled with business events sponsored by one of our employers that we must attend. Chris dresses up very well and I can always count on compliments about what a lucky guy I am as well discrete and sometimes not so discreet looks at her body. The one thing about our rather idyllic life that could stand improvement is in the area of sexual creativity. Chris enjoys sex but not as often as I would like and it tends towards the routine. Occasionally I can get her to dress up or I might get to tie her up for a few minutes but there is most certainly no anal or photo taking and blowjobs are rare although she loves for me to lick on her. Well like I said above, the seed that had been planted in my mind was growing and I wanted to figure out how to get some illicit and unknown play going with Chris. After thinking through many scenarios, I decided to try and set her up with a massage therapist and see if he could seduce her into letting go a bit hopefully, while I got the chance to watch. Now knowing Chris, I knew this was not going to be as simple as some guy coming over and her giving into some hidden lust. Rather, I knew the approach would have to be a long term plan with a therapist that was outwardly respectful but also a bit edgy and naughty but most important he needed to be patient. Well, they say figuring out the plan is 90% of the battle but in this case that didn't turn out to be true. Finding the right guy became a time and energy black hole. First, I created a list of prospects from internet searches, magazine articles, phonebook, etc. Then, I started culling out these prospects through direct contact either through phone calls or meetings. In most cases, the guy turned out to be gay, ugly, or weird and they quickly got stricken. The few that made it through involved a more detailed discussion which turned out to be much more awkward than I had anticipated. I got laughed at some and in one case told to leave the office immediately. After three months of work, I had it narrowed to two candidates but honestly neither felt totally right. One was young, around 24 years old and while handsome I thought he lacked the maturity and patience needed. The second was an older guy in his mid-30s but he was overweight and Hispanic and I didn't see him as someone Chris would warm up to. It was actually the older guy who sensing my reticence gave me the contact information for a guy who he said might be a better fit. That's how I came to find David an early 40s guy who owned a small gym and did massage in the evenings. David turned out to be 6"1" tall and leanly muscled instead of the bulky body typical of weightlifters. He was tanned with a shaved head. Our first meeting took place in his small office in his gym he stood quietly listening as I explained who had referred him and stumbled through a description of what I had in mind. "That seems a bit perverted not to mention I could lose my MT license." He finally responded after I had completed my request. "I guess it might be some but based on the referral I thought maybe you had done something like this b