Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wife Fucks My Best Friend

One of my favorite nights of watching my beautiful wife getting fucked by another man, was the night I was able to get about 1/2 the night on video tape. She had went to bed & I was down stairs talking with Danny (her first lover) I was telling him about the magazine that had placed her wide open pussy photo right close to the front. I was very proud that they had published her photo & I knew that close to a million men or more would be looking at my baby`s cunt. (she has been in 3 national mags. High Society, Genesis, Gallery) Danny had seen the photo prior to my sending it in, but was still interested in seeing the magazine. I took him up to our bedroom where the mag was as I wanted to also show him the 2ft. X 3 ft. nude posters of her I had just hung in the bedroom, telling him to be very quiet as she might be asl**p. Naturally I had hopes he might end up getting to fuck her. Since she had went to bed before Dan stopped over, she didn't know he was there. My wife was sl**ping so I just got the mag. & was going to take it downstairs to look at it, as I was about ready to start down she stirred a little & opened her eyes. She didn't see Danny was with me & she pulled the covers down to expose her perky little tits & said they needed a kiss. I went to her, as I got there I pulled the covers down fully exposing her naked body to me & Danny`s eyes. I kissed & gave a little suck to each of her tits & slid my hand between her thighs at the same time & was sliding my finger up & down her slit which was very wet, she must have been having a good dream. I buried my finger in her hot cunt & she let out a moan & thrust her hips up to meet my plunging finger. She was still unaware that Danny was there, he had pulled his cock out & was stroking it as he watched me finger fuck her, I motioned for him to come over & lick her Hot juicy cunt. As he got close to the bed I gave her a long kiss then whispered in her ear Danny`s here watching you baby, at that moment Danny started licking her hot cunt. She was a little surprised, not knowing Danny was there, but his busy tongue, my kisses & sucking her tits had her ready to cum, so the first shock of feeling him licking her cunt sure didn't put a damper on the fire her dream had started. Danny & I were soon out of our clothes, Danny buried his throbbing cock in her juice filled cunt, as I continued to kiss her & play with her tits. As Danny fucked away I moved to the foot of the bed, so I could watch as his stiff cock slide in & out of her wet cunt. What a beautiful sight that is, seeing her sexually swollen cunt lips wrapped tightly around his cock which is glistening with her cunt juices. I reached in & inserted 2 fingers into her cunt & curled them down towards her ass hole, I alternated my strokes with his, as he pulled out I plunged my fingers in & down. I love doing this to Al & she enjoys it too, the added pressure of my fingers being applied towards her ass at the same time her cunt is being fucked, really turns her on. After a few minutes of this I pulled my fingers out & slowly pushed them into her waiting ass hole. This time I matched my strokes with Danny`s, as he plunged in I buried my fingers in her tight ass This had them both cumming in a matter of minutes. As Danny rolled off I buried my face in her freshly fucked cunt & enjoyed my love wine. The taste of her precum fluids mixed with his & her cum is beyond describing. I then slid up & buried my aching cock in her wonderful cunt. Dan & I each fucked her twice, we also kissed, licked, & finger fucked her wonderful cunt for a couple of hours. Danny dozed off, so I told her let`s go downstairs as I wanted to put her wide open freshly fucked pussy on tape. She sat in a swivel rocker & I had her slide her cute ass to the front & spread her legs wide to give me a full view of her wide open cunt, with a little trickle of love wine oozing out. After a few minutes of filming Danny showed up, he watched as my wif


  1. how do we see the whole story. it cuts short and the way it sounds there still some ending to it.