Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mother-in-Law part 5: Lesbo Luv

Terrified, Louise quickly let go of my cock. She’d barely reached some article of clothing in a lame attempt to cover up when Babs entered the room. Nobody said a word for what seemed like minutes. Then Babs offered “very nice” as she examined my semi-hard cock, still glistening from cum and my mother in law’s spit, and Louise’s sweaty nakedness. She slowly walked over to Louise and gave her a big smile. My mother in law just stood there, glancing back and forth between Babs and me. “You missed a spot,” Babs said as she wiped a small gob of cum with her forefinger from my mother in law’s chin. Babs put her other arm on Louise’s naked shoulder and gently dabbed the cum on my mother in law’s lips but got no response. “Not hungry any more?” The sight of the two hot women, so close, so sex, made my cock hard again. Louise froze as her neighbor’s finger traced a cum-streak down her neck. Babs comforted her, “No reason to be afraid. I’ve been thinking of this body, and what I’d love to do to it, for years. It’s a lot hotter than I even imagined.” Babs began massaging Louise’s shoulders as the two women stared into each other’s eyes. My mother in law said nothing but let out a moan when Babs cupped both of her breasts and kneaded them together, stretching and tugging on Louise’s chestnut-hard nipples. “What about me?” I asked. “You just stay right there young man,” Babs responded. Switching places with my mother in law, Babs leaned with her back against the kitchen counter and turned Louise around so I had a full view. Babs ran her hands up and down my mother in law’s body while grinding against her ass and licking the shorter woman’s neck. One hand fondled Louise’s breasts, while the other rubbed and fingered her pussy. Babs was in complete control and my mother in law in total ecstacy. Babs extracted a glistening gob of Louise’s cunt juices and licked her fingers dry, moaning and panting almost in step with the older woman. Next, without letting go of Louise, she offered her a taste too. Louise’s inner thighs glistened with cunt juice as she licked her friends fingers. Their mouths met, tongues hungrily running over each other’s faces as Babs continued her assault on my mother in law’s pussy and tits. Louise crumpled in orgasm, still lip-locked with her friend but barely able to stand as she fell back into Babs' arms.

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