Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Great Arcade Experience

I woke up horny as hell. I had been working hard all week and all day Saturday. Now Sunday was here and I needed some release. There’s a local outdoor place that sometimes has action, and I headed there with my shorts and sneakers for a run. While I got a nice jog in, the place was quite empty. Just me. I passed a few spots along the jog where I had played before. The possibilities had me horny, but no luck. I returned home, took a quick shower and changed into a pair of jeans. Still horny, I decided to drive some distance to a video arcade where I’d had some luck before. The commercial strip in that area has a couple of adult video stores. I stopped at the first one and went in. Things were very quiet, but the guy behind the counter was cute. I had been there a week or two earlier, and the night clerk watched me while I was jacking off. This was a different clerk, but I wondered if he also liked to play. I got some singles and went to the back booth in the arcade. Unfortunately, the only other person in the arcade appeared to be sl**ping off a rough night. I watched a few videos for a few dollars and decided to try the other place. I arrived at the second video store and parked. There was another guy getting out of his car in the large lot and our eyes met. Zing. It was definitely on. He was a slim athletic Asian guy in his 20’s. He smiled at me. We both arrived at the door and it was closed – the clerk had stepped out for lunch. He pointed to the sign and said – “it will open in an hour.” I looked right at him and replied, “I hope you come back then.” We both smiled. “One hour,” he said. As I walked to my car, I could feel my semi hard cock pushing against my briefs. I looked back and he was still staring. My cock got harder. I decided to drive back to the other video store and watch videos while I waited for the other place to open. As I drove out of the lot, I noticed he was following me in his car. It was definitely on. I arrived back at the first video store and went to the back booth. The booths are open, not fully enclosed, more like small cubicles. They had recently installed a “buddy window” between booths. You could see into the other booth through Plexiglas if you raised you curtain and the other person did as well. A few minutes later, my new friend walked in. Oh yes, it was seriously on. I was feeding dollar bills into the machine and watching some man on man porn. My thick hard cock was outlined through my jeans as I sat in the chair rubbing the bulge slowly. He came over near the door of my booth and pretended to look at a display of videos on the back wall of the arcade. He was wearing an athletic t-shirt that outlined his tight frame and a pair of mesh gym shorts. I could see his hard cock in profile. This was not an arcade I would usually play at, since it’s not all that private. As a few patrons came in and out, we just enjoyed the building tension and heat between us. He looked back to check for the clerk and then reached in and gave my cock a nice squeeze through my jeans. I felt it get even harder. I reached over through the doorway and did the same to him. He was thicker than I expected. That really turned me on. We kept this game going for a while, taking a quick grope when the clerk was busy with a customer and not likely to see. More people came into the arcade and he got spooked and went back to his booth. I noticed he wasn’t putting money into the machine. But he was watching my screen through the buddy window. I tossed a couple of one-dollar bills over the partition and motioned for him to use them. He laughed and he smiled a big sexy grin and put the dollar into his machine. We tuned to the same channel. A hot young guy was getting fucked lying on his back on the edge of a bed. He was moaning with pleasure. As the young stud thrust in each time, the twink’s big rope of a cock would bounce up and down. It was hot. We both smiled as we watched. I tossed another dollar over

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