Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Seven Guess Wh

It was my birthday and there was a party for me at Eddie and Darlene's. Among the people invited were my parents. I was nervous about it but Melody said everything would okay. The party started at seven on Saturday. Eddie was cooking hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies on his nice grill. Darlene was mixing the drinks and sampling as the evening went on. Dad, Peter senior, was into his third margarita already. My Mom, Polly was sipping the same one she got when they arrived. There were about twenty-six people in all at the party. Some were couples Eddie and Darlene had swapped with for long before I ever knew Melody. The rest were couples we had brought into the fold. My favorite couple,part of Eddie and Darlene's group, Wendy and Alphonse were talking to my parents far away from the rest of the crowd. They were a very open couple and I had fucked Wendy several times while Alphonse was spending some time with Melody and Darlene, usually together. Melody and I were staying away from the drinks because Darlene was mixing them in killer proportions and they tasted really great, so someone could easily find they were in a stumbling d***ken state. I walked over to talk to Mom and Dad, who were chatting with Wendy and Alphonse. As I came up I realized the conversation was on the freedom inside an open marriage, the same one Wendy, Alphonse and I had discussed several times on other more relaxed and more naked nights. My Mom was a bit uncomfortable about the subject, but kept quiet while my Dad expounded on how having a little strange pussy keeps a marriage strong. That was what I heard as I approached. "So how's everyone doing here? Anyone need another drink?" My Dad looked at me with this wicked grin and said, "We are doing just fine here. Having a great conversation about marriage." I nodded my head and walked away. I heard my Dad asking Alphonse if his son agreed with the freedom in marriage ideas. Alphonse said, "I don't have a son." My Dad said, he was talking about his own son...me. Wendy started speaking in the enthusiastic way she always did. I heard her say that their son Peter was a wonderful lover. I just kept walking. Melody asked me how they were doing over there and I told her the cat was out of the bag, but I wasn't going to worry about it. She patted my butt and said, "that's probably for the best." I decided I finally needed a drink. When I went to Darlene she said loudly, "Peter, Happy Birthday Baby!! Did you come for a drink or for a birthday kiss?" I smiled and bent down to give her a peck on the cheek. She threw her arms around me and gave me an open mouthed sloppy slightly d***k tongue kiss. That was when I noticed my dad weaving his way to get another drink. I took a drink from the table and waited. Darlene said, "Peter Senior, your Peter Junior is a wonderful son-in-law! Dad thanked her for that and asked, "So tell me Darlene, is he as good a fuck as Wendy tells us?" Darlene squeezed his arm and said, "He is the best! What a nice cock he has and he really knows how to keep a woman happy!" I groaned and walked over to Melody. "What's up now?" she asked. "Well now Dad knows that I have fucked your mother. Knowing him, he will be hitting on someone very soon. I don't know how my mom will handle that." Melody just sighed and said, "well, we believe in this. We can't live a lie. You had to know this would come out sooner or later." I looked back to where Darlene was making the drinks and saw she had been led away by my Dad to the group he had been in all evening. Darlene was sitting down talking animatedly with Wendy, Alphonse, my Mom and Dad. My Mom soon stood up and was walking away. I asked Melody to come with me over there to see if we could salvage anything from the situation. Mom was going to walk past us without saying anything and I stopped her. Uh..how are you doing Mom? Can I get you anything? She looked up at me and at Melody, her eyes blinking. She op


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