Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jenna's Boy, a Mother's illicit love

Jenna's teenage son stood at the top of the stairs, I looked up and saw more than I should, was it intentional or accidental, I was about to find out, noting that Jenna, like her son, were in a similar state of undress, under their dressing gowns, but more to the point, Alex was in a state of sexual arousal, his erection clearly visible to me, and Jenna made no comment at him showing it to me. 'Since his father fucked off, he's become the man of the house', she said calmly, matter-of-factually. That was more than a year ago flashed through my mind, was she using her son as a lover too, I wondered. Alex wondered over to me and kissed me on my cheek, a welcoming peck as he always did whenever I visited, but as he stood back, his cock poked from beneath his covering. 'You are becoming a big boy Alex', I remarked, at which Jenna looked around and down to his exposed genitals, 'Alex put your cock away, there's a good boy', and we both laughed at his awkward situation, being confronted by two grown women, with a vast experience in mens appendages. He was more than half my age and a lot more developed than any men I had entertained, and for a boy to be so endowed and living with his mother, I think she was happy with the arrangement. They certainly were affectionate to each other, her loose fitting gown affording him free sights that young men buy "Playboy" and "Mayfair" to see. I could visualize their relationship from some of the incidents that occurred between them, he was 12 when his father walked out on them, and for solace and comfort, Jenna encouraged him to share her bed, after which she began to sl**p in the nude, the close proximity of her to him, aroused sexual feeling between them and soon Alex started to masturbate while she pretended to sl**p, turning her back on him as he labored through his task, their bodies making contact, her warmth and close proximity making his relief more enjoyable, soon he was ejaculating on to her flesh, the feeling giving her pleasure her sons sexual development, was due to her presence, soon she felt it was necessarily an essential need, something she convinced herself, they both needed. The inevitable happened as she let these feeling build, her needs were awakened on night, normally she would relieve herself when Alex had gone, but this night she felt the need of him too overpowering, as she lay in her customary position, on her side with her back to him, feeling his hand brush her nude buttocks as he masturbated against her. She shifted in her pretense, pushing her buttocks towards him, offering more access to her exposed genitals, she was wet and with her upper body angled away form Alex, he slid in between her thighs, opening her for the first time in 18 months, an experienced hip movement, ever so slight, was enough to guide him deep inside, she gasped as he opened her and came to rest fully embedded. He knew something had changed, all the feeling was different, warmer, tighter and wetter, a sharp change in direction, a pleasurable bending, somehow more natural, and an intense feeling of togetherness. He was scared to move, he did not want to loose this feeling, but his mother was moving, she gasped and was making little noises he had never heard her utter before, then there was a sense of overpowering dominance, she had reached for his hand and was brushing her nude breasts with it, he could feel her nipples rock hard, she was riding hard against him her buttocks humping hard, he was momentarily shocked when she said, 'Fuck me', her legs entwining his, she became possessed as she fucked, he knew he had entered into her, but did not know from experience what it was like to fuck a woman, even though this woman was his mother, she rolled him onto his back, mounted and f***ed him inside her, she straddled and fucked until she orgasmed, releasing a string of expletives, similar to those utterances he once only read about, he marveled at her sexuality, h

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